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Van Halen reunion with Dave


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here we go again!


"Here we go again" is right.

I hope it happens, but I have some doubts. Ed has an interview in "Guitar" magazine, but apparently he only says "Thank you" to the VH fans for all their support, then talks about his new amplifier(technical stuff).

Maybe Wolfie will have a bass guitar in the shape of a Yoo-Hoo bottle!

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Didn't Wolfie state in People magazine or something,that he felt he really wasn't ready for such a big venture anyway?

Yeah, he did. He said something about it when his mom(Valerie) joined Jennie Craig to lose some weight.

However, I'm pretty sure Ed has had it with Mike. Ed has said things like "Well, Mike never wrote anything, I had to teach him the bass lines..........etc..."

Ed and Alex are in their own world. I still think having Wolfie as the bass player is a horrible idea, but its the only way we will get to see Ed/Alex and Dave tour. I wouldn't be surprised if Ed starts drinking again once they start rehearsing. But it looks like Mike is out of the mix.

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Did DLR actually say "...it's not rocket surgery..." :laugh:

I remember being so amped about this a few months ago before it completely fell apart. I can't get so excited this time until it's actually confirmed. Shame though that the only reason they're even considering this is simply for the money.

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Did DLR actually say "...it's not rocket surgery..." :laugh:

Actually just spit up the latest sip of my adult beverage was laughing so hard. Classic!

Honestly, I think I still got a bad hangover from that whole R&R thing as I can't get excited like before. But if it actually looks like it's gonna happen, I'll be there.

But I'm incredibly skeptical this thing will ever come off...

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Billboard.com says Van Halen will have a press conference next week to announce a 50 date North American tour, w/Wolfie on bass. We shall see if this is bullshit..........................again!

God damnit, Van Halen getting my hopes up again.

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