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Live Earth concert


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Why can't Chili Peppers play something pre-Californiation? :(

You got that right. I wish they would have played one old song.

Yeah, like "True Men Don't Kill Coyotes" - that would've been great.

You guys from Norway, are you watching the online stream or NRK?


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I was watching Metallica on BBC1, but they only showed the first two songs, and then afterwards showed Crowded House - pathetic. The stream hardly works here.

I'm watching on Sundance and Bravo. They showed "Sad but true", then cut away to New York. The other channel showed Enrique Iglesias singing love songs in Germany.


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Anyway, can't wait to see Spinal Tap!

They've already been on :huh:

It depends on time zones. Norway is an hour behind, so they'll see Spinal Tap an hour later.

EDIT: Lithium beat me to it.

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They've already been on huh.gif

Not in our time zone. God, is it so hard to understand?

Spinal Tap have already performed and that is a fact.

You have got an hour delay on the live broadcast which has nothing to do with timezones.

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