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Favorite live concerts.


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Pearl Jam - 1992 Pinkpop. Nothing compares


Also some honourable mentions are:

Queen - Live at Wembley 86

Alice in Chains - Unplugged

GNR - Paris 92

and of course the Pearl Jam concert I went to, Düsseldorf, June 21st. First time ever Rats was played in Europe. :D

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GnR - Indiana 91

Nirvana - anywhere, anytime.

Sex Pistols - Live at Longhorns

Oasis - Knebworth, was it Knebworth? the main one on the here and now dvd?

The Stooges - Cinncinati Pop Festival

Jimi Hendrix - Monterrey Pop Festival

Rolling Stones at Altamont (for the sheer tangible taste of trouble in the air)

Johnny and The Heartbreakers - at the lyceum, the reunion gig

The Beatles - anyfuckinwhere

Led Zeppelin - madison square garden shows documented on the song remains the same

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Corrosion of Conformity: Live Volume

I saw 'em on that tour I think! ^_^ Was kick-ass.. As was the time they played with Clutch.

Nirvana - Reading '92.

..how the hell were you there?!

Mine have gotta be..

RANCID! Of course.. Ermm.. Bleeding Through were amazing live. As were Napalm Death.

Motorhead were awesome on the 30th Anniversary tour. So were Rush. Christ every gig I've ever been to rocked my ass in some way or another :shades:


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That's alright, I forgive you, DSG. :)

Thank you for forgiving my stupidity -_-

Although in light of new revalations I'm adding some more gigs <_<

Woodstock '69.

Kilswitch Engage at this years Download.

Comeback Kid whilst on tour with Alexisonfire. They were kick ass and I missed 'em :cry:

More will come to mind I imagine.


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GNR concerts bore me.

Woodstock '69, Monterey Pop and the Altamont Speedway concert (the one with the Hells Angels beating people to a pulp), The Last Waltz and SRV Live at the el mocambo.

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