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70s Stones


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In my opinion, this was definetly the best decade for one of the greatest bands of all time - The Rolling Stones. Exile on Main St. alone pretty much made it a great era for the Stones, but let's not forget the rest - Black and Blue, Goats Head Soup (my personal favourite), It's Only Rock 'N' Roll, Sticky Fingers and Some Girls.

Please discuss 70s Stones here. :)

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Guest Ohdistortedsmile1789

^I would side with Lithium more so. It's Only Rock N' Roll is very good, but not as good as either of the next two.

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Late sixties early seventies for me. I mean, beggers banquet, let it bleed, sticky fingers, exile, goats head soup. Theyre the best stones albums. And in my opinion i think theyre probably the best singles band of the sixties aswell, not fade away, its all over now, lets spend the night together and ruby tuesaday (hows that for an A and B side of a single), and fuckin jumpin jack flash, the coolest most fuck you song they ever had. And their albums from the early to mid sixrties were great to, out of our heads, aftermath, between the buttons. I think from like 68 to 72, 73 they were untouchable.

And i cant wait till Scorsese's new stones documentry 'Shine a Light' comes out in september.

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I agree with the above poster. Late 60s early 70s was their best. Earlier 60s was a bit poppy (still a lot of good material) and the late 70s was that god awful disco era. Then again I would say 1965 - 1975 was the best 10 years for rock music period.

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The 60's in general for me

Between the Buttons, Thier Satanic Majesties, The rolling stones(named) albums, aftermath, (the others i can't remember off my head)

there was lots of great, bluesy material, the last time, little red rooster, and some good pop, ruby tuesday etc. and alot of great rock, get off of my cloud, etc.

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