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Neil Young, recommendations


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If I had to listen to some Neil now I'd probably actually go for Trans. It's true that it's pretty unrepresentative but I wouldn't say that makes it bad. It's just not what most people would go for when they think of Neil Young. I'd say it actually has a lot of merit...though I'd agree some of the others are pretty awful. But not Arc...I quite enjoy that too; but again not really something for the typical Neil Young fan...

Speaking of Arc, Weld is a must have.

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Well put.

No, far away from everything.

Neil Young have actually created a few very bad albums. He actually made 5 bad albums just on spite

to get away from his contract with a record label.

You might want to listen to his 80's output before you go and write it off like that. You probably won't like it but at least you might sound like you actually know what you're talking about.

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Tonight's the Night is my favorite Neil Young Album.

I tend to like his hard rockin' Crazy Horse stuff more than the mellow alt. country stuff. But it's all fuckin' amazing. Even the bad albums are at least interesting.

He's almost like two different people with and without Crazy Horse. It's been one of the things I've always loved about him.

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