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Help with live like a suicide

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well i really wana get the offical live lke a suicide and i'll buy it on ebay i think

can someone tell me which is the real one:




the discs are different looking as you can see & i dont know which to choose

whats the max i should pay for this?

i dont wana fuck up buying something like this if someone who knows their shit can help me out id be forever grateful :)

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All i get when i wanna see the links is "Page not responding". About the price i can tell you that collecters price for LLAS is something around 150$. Just pay a price that you think it's worthed. I bought an original LLAS cassette a couple months ago for 75 euro's (collecter price 150$).

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Buy both the japanese and the third one :)

I can't wait until I start working full time in august and I'll be able to buy all the shit I wait. I've been a poor student for waaaaaay too long now! :D

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sorry, heres the list so you can have a look yourself.


thanks :)

Definitaly not the Japanese one. I pick the 3rd one (20,50$) when i had to choose. That one seems more legit to me.

why not the japanese one? and third one does look more legit your right.

The Japanese are (together with China and Korea) well knowned for producing fake items.

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