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John vs. Paul vs. George vs. Ringo

Vincent Vega

What Beatle's Solo Material was the best?  

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Hey! Together, the Beatles' work was magic, and influenced countless other artists. However, the Beatles ended and the fab four went their separate ways. The Walrus became John, Paul learned he had to Live and Let Die, George was searching for his Sweet Lord and Ringo, well, was just Ringo.

Which of the ex-Beatles solo material was the best, and why? You have John with the Plastic Ono Band, and others, with songs such as "Jealous Guy", "Imagine", "God", "Mother", Working Class Hero", and "Beautiful Boy", Paul with songs such as "Live and Let Die", "Band on the Run" and "Maybe I'm Amazed", George with "All Things Must Pass", "My Sweet Lord" and "What is Life?", and Ringo with "You're Sixteen", "Photograph", "It Don't Come Easy"

Which ex-Beatle was the best on his own?

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Mr.Miser - you should search for Lennon vs McCartney ...a post that was started a few weeks ago that basically asked the same question, with the exception

of Ringo ( Whom noone would choose ) and George ( who got a few honorable mentions, but I would'nt count on all that many people saying they prefer him over John & Paul )

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haha, i love people's dumb paul is dead theory.......

If paul is dead, how does he sing the exact same way, look the same, and play bass the same, I admit with a litle trouble you can get the first 2, but not the third, and supposedly when people said paul is dead, they were on tour soon. To train a person to sing and play like paul, they'd need months

this is right after revolver(or during?)

I support the Everyone But Paul Is Dead Theory....

George was the best, he had the best balance between mccartney's sense of melody and john's lyrics, he wrote the hilights of the beatles albums(cept like, the first one and the ones he wasn't allowed to write on), and even helped ringo with his best beales song. George wrote the best riffs of the entire band, followed by Paul.

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I remember hearing goerge martin say that with the beatles the sum was far greater than the parts and i completely agree. No one is 'better', they each contributed that little bit of magic that made the beatles so special. They are all as as important as one another. Therefore i cannot vote.

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I think the order of talent is as follows:

John Lennon

George Harrison

Paul McCartney

Ringo Starr

However, my favourite list is:





Lennon was a bloody genius. Harrison came up with some absolute genius level songs - Something and My Sweet Lord (not Beatles just Harrison), not to mention the Traveling Wilburys.

McCartney's music to my ears, is dull and meloncholy. I dont like it. All my favourite Beatles songs are Johns.

If McCartney hadnt hooked up with John, he'd be hardly anything in my opinion.

Ringo's just great, being himself. No talent, just one of only two remaining Beatles, and a great person. Funny too!!

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