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selling all my 7 inch singles

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i am selling all of my 7 inch singles and a Velvet revolver 12 inch single for 50 bucks + s/h

the singles i have are the following..i listed what is on the b side also

1.Live and let die live and let die live version (framed)

2.Dont cry,Dont cry alt lyrics framed)

3.Move to the city,Paradise city (framed)

4. Sweet Child o mine,its so easy

5.Civil War

6.You could be mine

7.set me free/slither 12 inch

i also have an afd banned cover thats framed and a afd cross cover thats framed..

i might be selling them so give me a good price.

if you want pictures of anything listed please ask and ill post them.

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I've been collecting them for the past year and each one of them was about 4 bucks and the slither single was 15 bucks that equals 39 bucks then i just added 11 bucks for the frames...i paid more than 50 for all of the stuff but i am just trying to get rid of these because there is just no more space in my room.

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