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Linkin Park to tour Aus

Dead Flower

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And Muse are comin' back. Yay! Link

Don't like Muse? Well, go to one of their shows and you soon will.

I stand by this.

I haven't listened to their albums in ages, but they were awesome on Saturday. Got there early and was close to the action. Map of the Problematique, Butterflies & Hurricanes, Citizen Erased and Stockholm Syndrome = killer. The encore of Plug In Baby and Knight of Cydonia = fucking insane.

Oh, and fwiw, Linkin Park were really quite great. Not a huge fan, so I didn't really know what songs Chester was singing half the time, but they put on a great show. He's an underrated vocalist, imo.

Cornell was good. Sort of felt like he was in cruise control for most of his set, but his voice was dynamite.

Pretty cool that I can now say I've seen Axl Rose sing Welcome To the Jungle and Paradise City, and Chris Cornell sing Outshined and Jesus Christ Piose. Two of my favourite singer/frontmen of all time. Not quite the same as seing them with their real bands, but still something I'll never forget.

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