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  1. MYGNRFORUM *not* closing

    This will be a great loss to me. i really enjoyed logging in for the latest news, rumours or the odd time leaks! Many thanks to the guys for running this service over the years, it's been a wonderfull asset that i dont think the band realised they had. Cheres.
  2. Rumored Album Release Dates

    ahem, anyone remember the so called "certainty" that was Nov 21st 2006?? dont believe anything with the GNR camp unless its a hard CD case in your hands (who knows even then, there may not be a disc in it, due to "managerial pdroblems")
  3. Why is Axl so stingy on live material?

    All true, i always wondered what was the real story with Live era? was it just vocals were re-recorded or was it whole guitar mix's? A few songs sound original, eg. RQ, in the whole song you can only hear Lead and bass, impossible to hear Izzy/Gilby in that one. Has to mean Axl didnt spend ages butchering that song, sounds pretty raw.
  4. November is Ending...

    1 tuesday short of a release date etc!
  5. November is Ending...

    B)--> QUOTE(mr.b @ Nov 27 2006, 07:41 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>We have waited this long we can wait another few months... can we really though. the optimum time to have gotten maximum publicity for this album would have been last sep. just at the end of the european tour,and the beginning of the North American Tour. A release then would have sold well,and launched GNR back onto the world's media stage for the tour. now with the tour ending next spring ,is it not a littl late then to be releasing it?? they obviosly wont be still touring this time next year(no repeat of '91-93,the guy is in his 40s now) last available window to gain the most out of the recent tour success is to release CD now,or at least before Dec 15th, it will have lost major appeal if released after that IMHO.
  6. November is Ending...

    and what have we had for the last 8 odd years?? more ...problems??? i think not, its now or never Axl, on everyone's part its now or never.
  7. GNR Should Tour With Metallica again

    no they should not, the 2 bands hate each other from what i can remember, didn't Axl have a great rant in their hometown, bout how they were racist dickheads R sumtin?? :chef:
  8. MSG has to be the show that we hear something...

    MSG would be ideal, get world press coverege for it and all. It really is now or never time for a release date if it's gonna come out this year, To get the Christmas market it will have to be dropped in the next 3-4 weeks for, no point releasin an album after dec 15th, Its aswell to wait till next year if they gonna wait until then.
  9. Is the US tour a success?

    A success up to today, thats just plain stupid what happened, European tour was a major success though.
  10. Did Against Me! get sued for the cover & title?

    rumour, untrue,
  11. Has merck lost it?

    wots up with this merck Bashin?? It aint him that has been in charge of the project for the last 10 years, if your gonna bash anyone for no release date, then Get onto Mr. Rose.
  12. Better Replaced by Paradise City on Harley Commercial

    wheather it's a mistake or not, I gotta say, the comercial works a lot better with PC than with better.
  13. Theres Something Different About This Better...

    must be studio version on higher quality, very clear sounding,espically on drums, which is hard to get by just messing around with bass and treble.
  14. Theres Something Different About This Better...

    ya, thats very true man, The second version is a lot more of a full sound or something, like its in stereo..
  15. Unauthorised Documentaries re-released in GNR Collecter's Box

    You serious?? thats just crap then, sex n drugs etc. was pure crap to begin with, the whole thing was just interviewing that tatoo artist guy, talking about "the scene" in LA. VH1 behind the music beats it hands down.