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  1. Wow, I have cell phone videos of my drunken ass in a back stairwell at HOB in Cleveland while they were going through that practice. One video you can hear ISE and in the other you can hear PC. One of the doors I stoped at had to be just at the side of the stage because the sound was so loud. Wish one of those doors would have opened.
  2. I pretty much believe the Slash statement that even up until a few days before, they did not think they were going to play. I believe that is why Green Day was there. I know Billie Joe has said they didn't want to play GnR songs because they wouldn't do them justice, but that is the only logical reason for them to be there. 1st - Green Day opening the show with Letterbomb made no sense. Seemed like the Rock Hall throwing them a bone for hanging in the there until the last minute not knowing what would go down. 2nd - There was no need for Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt to be in attendance and on stage for Billie's induction speech. They know that it would be all up to Axl if they would play together and they were just waiting on the olive branch from him. As soon as he officially bowed out, the calls started.
  3. I'm sorry, I always try to be a "glass is half full" type of person in most everything I do but when it comes to GnR, it has become very difficult. Until we see an album on an official release schedule, what makes anyone think new material is coming "soon"? Just because recording has happened, does anyone think Axl won't tinker with it for, possibly, years to come? If they can keep touring with the same material year after year and people keep showing up, what's the hurry?
  4. This is Guns N Roses in 2012

    I prepared a huge response to this thread and then realized we were dealing with a noob. The youngster just needs to live a little an he'll realize his post was clueless. Current GnR rocks but you used a terrible example to even start your point.

    Hey everyone. What an incredible weekend. I'm about to turn 40 and I have not partied that much over a two-day span in quite sometime. I gave my Friday wrap-up earlier and now here is my Saturday one. I started the night with cocktails with friends at the Treehouse in Cleveland's trendy Tremont neighborhood around 5pm. Headed downtown and was at the Clevelander by 6 for dinner. Just before 7 I walked over to Public Hall. I had an Obstructed View ticket to the ceremony and wanted to know what tickets were going for. The first person that hit me up asked what I wanted and I said $100. He immediately offered $80 and I said no and started to walk away. He then offered $100 and I told him I would probably be back to see him. A little bit further down the street I was hit up again and this time I said $200, this guy immediately countered with $150. What was a bit weird was that once I got to the front of Public Hall, they were only offering $20 for my ticket - apparently the market had not been straightened out yet. Once inside I headed to my seat which wasn't bad at all, above and left of the stage. This view allowed for some great people watching below. I could see LL Cool J and his table, Chris Rock and Bette Midler at a table together, Matt Pinfield shaking as many hands as he could find, Myles sitting at GnR's table and Kid Rock and George Clinton getting the most pictures taken. My highlights from the show were Green Day's punch in the mouth that was Letterbomb, Small Faces performance of Stay With Me, Darlene Love's performance, Green Day's GnR introduction, GnR's speeches and performance, Chris Rock's RHCP introduction and RHCP's performance. I was very happy to see how professional Gun's handled their speeches and how well their performance went over. Seeing Slash play the SCOM solo was the absolute high point of the weekend. After the weirdness that was the Higher Ground performance, I headed over to the House of Blues to see if anything was happening. Apparently this was where all the VIPs were after-partying. Your $3000 ticket got you a wristband for the ceremony and got you entry to HOB. I waited about 15 minutes or so and the first person I saw leaving, I asked if I could get their wristband. It broke as he tried to take it off, but I McGyvered it with a metal key ring and went right in. Open bar and Grand Master Flash was DJing. Drinks were served until 2:30 and GMF spun until 3am. This was a great conclusion to an unbelievable weekend. I'm so thankful the wife let me off the leash for a few days - I'm gonna have to get her something.

    Dane. In section 1. Where u headed after?

    Dane, where are u @ now?

    'Stalker much?' - that is awesome! I thought the same thing after I typed it and re-read it. Luckily for everyone, I was just looking for a party.

    Wow, last night was great. The show was amazing and the crowd was great. When the show ended we snuck into the meet and greet line but since we did not have the big sticker everyone had to where, we were quickly bounced. Instead of exiting we headed to the balcony that hadn't cleared yet. We noticed a group in a private box that were not moving. We headed there and introduced ourselves as part of the ownership group of The Beachland Ballroom (another venue in the city) which we are not and they were happy to let us hang with them. Before long the group was told we had to leave, but just from that room. We headed to the Foundation Room which is not the backstage bar but more like the high roller-private member bar where drinks continued to flow. Met and hung out with Chad Zumach (local radio personality), Jim Florentine (That Metal Show) and comedian Bobby Slayton. Had a very cool discussion about Axl with Florentine. Around 1:45 we ushered to the doors. Took the elevator down with Florentine and Chad hoping the party was moving elsewhereN but they had been partying and doing comedy shows around town for a few days and were calling it a night. We then headed to the rear entrance where fans were assembled to hopefully meet people as they exited. You could hear music jamming inside so there was definitely some practicing happening. I made it back into the venue in a staircase but couldn't find an unlocked door. Heard them play It's So Easy. Headed back out to wait with the other fans and eventually people started coming out. Security kept us separated and no autographs or pictures were had. I could see the cars were headed to the Ritz so I headed there on foot. When I got there I just acted like I was staying there and hit the elevator button to go up. Obviously I picked the top floor. Alas there were no crazy parties or any noise for that matter. This began a series of random up and downs on elevators an staircases until I found myself in a back corridor where the kitchens were. As I turned a corner I was passed by a security person, a lady and a guy that took a second to realize was Slash with his hair back in a ponytail. I allowed them to turn a corner before following. Just as I turned that corner, the elevator closed. I watched it go to the 9th floor which I then proceeded to. Again, not sure what I was expecting, but only hear noise from a few rooms. At that point I decided to call it a night. It was 3:30 and I have to do it again tonight. I'm about to head downtown again. My seat isn't great, but just glad I'll be in the venue. I'll keep tweeting if anyone is interested.

    I'll be tweeting from Duff's show tonight and from the induction ceremony tomorrow night in case anyone wants updates. I did just sign up for Twitter so we'll see how this goes. You can follow me @Cerno23.
  11. OFFICIAL Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Thread-First post vid

    I am certainly hoping for the best, but if I had to put money on it, I'd bet the entire band will be seated at the tables in the audience while Axl is sequestered in a room backstage. They get inducted, everybody gathers on stage and hugs, brief statements by everyone. The rest of the band then sticks around to jam while Axl high-tails it outta there. Again, this is NOT what I want to happen.
  12. The article includes the bio of the band Guns N Roses which is why CD is mentioned.
  13. Average Opener's Start Time?

    Our Youngstown tickets have a start time of 8pm. It sounds like Guns are avg an 11pm start time so what would be best guess for Black Label Society to hit the stage, 8:30? When were other openers taking the stage at other U.S. stops? Just trying to figure out how long pre-game festivities can go at the local watering hole before heading over. Thanks for your help.
  14. DEC 7th 2011 - Youngstown, OH @ Covelli Centre Update Thread

    If Guns are averaging an 11pm start time and tickets say 8pm, is it safe to say BLS will hit the starge around 8:30? I will start another thread to ask about average start times for openers. But if 8:30 sounds right then my son and I will probably hit BW3 near 5pm I would guess.
  15. DEC 7th 2011 - Youngstown, OH @ Covelli Centre Update Thread

    LD74 - When purchasing tickets on Live Nation/Ticketmaster's site, there is now a Holiday Promotion code that can be entered for a 20-50% discount on tickets. The code is TMNHD. When I used this code I got 2 of the cheapest tickets for an after-tax and service charge total of $81 (not that we'll actually be sitting in those seats, mind you). I sorta feel bad for people that purchased at full price, but after I saw the Miami Groupon deal I decided to hold out and this time it worked.