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  1. GNR drum kit catches fire

    I saw this and thought you would all be interested. enjoy. http://www.entertainmentwise.com/news?id=26206 JE

    Merry Christmas from Malibu. JE
  3. Live Songs 2006

    on a sidenote: to bend this topic a little, maybe I'll just start a new thread, but, has anyone else realized that sirius satellite radio and XM have been playing a lot more GNR on their hard rock stations? JE
  4. Live Songs 2006

    robin - first six bars of "get in the ring" in Estero, FL
  5. An Open Letter From Merck

    That is exactly it. JE
  6. An Open Letter From Merck

    merck's letter.
  7. An Open Letter From Merck

    This is all I am going to say. when Appetite came out, I was a fan. when Illusions I & II came out, I was in sixth grade, and received them for my birthday. I listened to them over and over. When the Spagetti thing came out, I even bought that. It wasn't very good, but it was something from my favorite band. Then we had to wait. I went through high-school with nothing. I went through college, and all we got was live era. I went through law school, and got to see them in 02 in Columbus. It was a great time. Then we saw nothing for a while. Then I flew to NYC and saw one of the hammerstein shows, and I knew axl was back, and something was happening. I think we all need to realize that the tentative release date of the album is only 10 months removed from the first REAL world tour in like 10 years+. From the first hammerstein show on May 12 of this year, axl has played a ton of shows on 3 continents. Over a million people have seen them live in concert and realize how awesome GNR can still be. I still submit that there is nothing like seeing GNR live. I saw them 2 months ago in Estero, FL at one of the smaller shows, and they were still great. What I am saying is, this is just another speed bump. We have a date now. We didn't have one before. Merck is out of the picture. It's probably better for the band. GNR has been referred to recently as a family (i.e. the whole Brain, Frank thing) and I think Merck can now be seen as the cheap uncle that nobody wants a christmas card from because there's not going to be any money in it. I think we should all sit back, relax for 90 days, and see what happens in March 07. I bet it will be worth the wait. JE in Florida

    my step dad beat the shit out of tommy motola (sp?) back when they were classmates at portsmouth abbey school in R.I. I also hate the dicks at sony bmg. je
  9. Merck Says Brain Still In The Band

    Once again, it is always nice to know that in times of serious doubt about a story surrounding the band, we have Madison to clear the smoky rumour mill. Good job once again Madison. Your presence here separates this board from the average fan board, and we might be lost without your help. JE PS, take the Eagles over the Panthers in monday night football tonight. it's my lock of the week. JE
  10. Slash look-alikes not allowed in nugnr shows

    i like reading you all bitch at each other. it's fun. the only comment i agree with is the one that says "if you are wearing a slash outfit to a concert in 2006, you are a douche." That did make me smile. JE
  11. Guns N Roses @ AMA??

    RHCP was pretty stupid i thought.
  12. Nov 21 .. and other release date rumors/speculation

    thats fantastic. hahaah
  13. Axl performs at benefit for MJ Fox.

    No pyro at the waldorf show for LALD. hehe. I really would be interested to hear the audio of this event. cool by axl though. je
  14. The 'OFFICIAL' GNR ON MLB Thread...

    IT WAS A PROMO AND THEN THEY ALSO PLAYED IT AT THE GAME. you're wrong. no big deal. JE
  15. WWW.GUNSNROSES.COM - New Official Website Online!

    <a href="http://www.facebook.com/p/John_Evans/36002256" title="John Evans' Facebook profile" target=_TOP><img src="http://badge.facebook.com/badge/36002256.111.1371263274.png" border=0 alt="John Evans' Facebook profile"></a> I like the new site. It is simple. It doesn't say much, but it is better than what we had with a 2002 world tour logo. JE