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  1. It's the day after Christmas. Lots of great memories! But yea, the anticipation is as fun as the actual event (which was amazing for me in Orlando!). Hopefully they will be back again. This tour has been such a success, I don't doubt more runs, probably with a few wrinkles thrown in. Then we can look forward to Christmas again
  2. Yea, that's basically what he said kinda cracking a joke during the (very short) delay. I don't think there was anything to read into. I've always gotten the impression he has a sarcastic sense of humor. Pubes.
  3. Had the privilege of attending last night's GnR show. Never, ever thought I would actually get to see Axl and Slash on stage together, so that was pretty surreal. The show was amazing (even from my seats, which were up high in the 200s on the side at about the 50 yard line). As others have stated, Axl was just on fire! Not just his singing, which was powerful, but his presence is amazing. Every dance move and gesture gets the crowd further engaged, and he is hard to take your eyes off. Slash was amazing, and someone who won me over was Frank. The drumming was a great balance between precision and feel, aggressive but tight. He was a really nice surprise. Ok, so here are some personal highlights for me: - Coma was my song of the night. Just thought Slash was very intense throughout, the solos amazing, and Axl nailed it. It can be hard to keep a crowd engaged in a 10 minute "deep cut," but everyone was into it as it built to a climax. - A very impressive moment was the ending of Estranged (which it was so cool to finally hear Slash bending those strings live on). As Axl was singing, "I never wanted it to die..." as he brought that note from low to high, it felt like our whole section erupted at the vocal move. Such an impressive change there, kinda sounded like something a skilled vocalist might do in a broadway play, very dramatic. LOVED IT! - A unique aspect of our show that some may have noticed was that as Better (enjoyed the new intro, BTW) and Out ta Get Me were being played, behind the stage on the horizon, the Disney World fireworks were going off. Kinda cool. - Wasn't looking forward to any Duff sung songs, but he killed it with Attitude. The crowd definitely fed of him, and Slash and Fortus seemed to up their energy, rocking extra hard on this one, super into it. - Another pleasant surprise was the Seeker. I've watched some clips from past shows of it and felt like it wasn't working, but as those of us who have been to the shows will note, how a song comes across on youtube doesn't matter, its how it feels live, and they can differ. and I felt like the Seeker was a really fun, stomp your feet rocker. That's about it. Amazing show! Could gush about all of it, but I'll stop at this. Am just so thankful Axl Slash n Duff got back together! Pubes.
  4. Nah, not sure why anyone would say Axl seemed to be in a foul mood. Seemed to be having a great time and man, that guy gives it all! Don't know how he keeps that energy for the 2 1/2-3 hours! Hope to write more later, still waking up, but Axl's mood seemed great
  5. Firstly , I am resisting the urge to ask if anyone on the forum happens to be (or know) the girl who pooped her pants in Philly (http://brobible.com/life/article/guns-n-roses-concert-philly-lit/). but if so, please own it... I will be at the O-town show next Friday. The Cult is opening (ho hum, would have loved AIC, but oh well), and I think it would be cool to hear GnR do Slash's "Ghost," sung by Ian, which in my opinion is one of the best tunes on his album. Would give Axl a breather and be cool especially considering all of the CD songs the band has been playing. Would prefer that to Slither, really. Also curious if Matt Sorum could appear considering his past role with both bands. Can't wait! Still can't even believe this is happening! Pubes.