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  1. Congrats on the guitar and learning how to play! It's the best hobby, and don't worry, your bleeding, sore fingertips will be calloused before ya know it! As for best GnR songs to start learning, the first I learned was Used to Love Her. Super easy and a fun one to sing. It's just D-A-G-A throughout the verses, then going between A-G on the "I knew I'd miss her, so I had to keep her..." parts. Don't Cry gives some good picking practice but isn't too complicated (most of the picking is within straight forward chords) and My Michelle is a good one for just rocking out on some power chords. Enjoy it all! PS try to learn any song ya want, no matter how hard, but people who say learn SCOM first are nuts! The riff is the finger equivalent to a tongue twister! Pubes.
  2. What's the damn deal with Ron!!!?

    I dunno and am curious too, but you gotta remember that it's entertainment to us, but real life for Bumblefoot. Leaving the band means giving up his main source of income, so being pissed and saying he is gonna leave is much different than actually ending his run in GnR. How many of us have acted like we'll leave a job that we are jaded with, but when it comes down to it, we sensibly stay? Feels weird to post something like an adult on the forum. Lol Pubes (not so grown up)
  3. Original post edited at top of thread.
  4. Ok, I'm inspired by today's events on mygnr, and this thread is now about How Eddie Vedder should lose the deep voice and start doing all PJ songs in an Axl esc falsetto. Discuss..... (Pubes) ike you all, I've watched and listened to the concert clips for the last several years, and Axl's trademark raspy, high vocals just don't have the power they used to. Makes sense considering the tole that style must have on the vocal cords. I think a bit of the great Robert Plant and basically all of his post-Physical Graffiti vocals, and it's kinda the same. His voice was just shot from years of screeching. Plant has taken his high range down a few scales and also gotten into new styles (I.e., blue grass), and he has really moved forward in a way that garners even more respect and admiration. So why not a change of style for Axl? I mean, his deep (think It's So Easy) and mid (parts of This I Love) range vox are amazing and powerful! Why not rework some classics so they feature those styles and rest the high pitch, that just as a sacrifice over the years, is no longer a great part of Axl's performance. I mean, though he's known for the high stuff, Axl has the great gift from God of several ranges that are just awesome! Time to make a change for the better. Pubes.
  5. Do you like Axl's Elmer Fudd at start of Don't Damn Me?

    First, I love that this thread got so much traction. But really, what else is there to talk about? No band news = time to analyze a cartoony snippet of a song. That said, it's clearly Chester Cheetah. For those too young to remember, not only did CC make that sound, but WHEN he made the sound is important to the context of the song. CC would do the "aye aye aye..." after getting hit in some cartoon-slap stick kinda way (I.e., an anvil dropped on the head). Much of the lyrics of Don't Damn Me imply Axl feeling beaten up for what he says or does, kinda like the cat getting hit, and thus, the facetious sound to begin the song. On a side note, Don't Damn Me is one of my favorite gnr tunes. The riff is awesome, and I really like Axl's lyrics. Lots of irony and intentional contradictions to say, "you don't have to analyze everything I say because I am a rock star." Which is of course what I and we do constantly. I also get a kick out of the ending. My brothers and I have ended many a happy birthday song with "alright! that sucked!" Wish there was a live version of the song to listen to. Pubes.
  6. What was the worst song on Chinese Democracy?

    My choice would be maddy, which bores the hell out of me. Ever notice how the synth sounds a little like gangstas paradise? Big ups to Coolio, but I digress. I actually really like scraped, but man. That intro is just the worst. Also could do without the twat intro, which I swore was a fan made joke on the leaks and was shocked to hear it was real on the album. Pubes
  7. In any other band, a question like this would seem absurd- talk of not bringing back a musician as if he were a football player who had a bad season and should be cut. Silly. But this is gnr. And given the way axl has the revolving door set up, the question is fair. I love bbf's playing and he is a cool dude to the fans, so I hope he sticks around. Of course, cd2 ain't coming, so it really doesn't even matter. Pubes.
  8. I realize some will be pissed at the question, but I don't mean for it to be as loaded as it may sound. This current gnr lineup is uber talented and seems like some really cool guys, but they have written / recorded very little together... CREATED very little together. Some on this forum go nuts dissing the previous lineup and proclaiming the current dudes as the real gnr. Before van halen got back together, I saw David lee Roth play with an amazing band. Guitarist could easily kick ass on anything Eddie ever did. Spare me the simple "van halen is band member names" explanation, and tell me how nu gnr differs from this? Or from Roger waters band? To be clear, I'm not hating on the current, talented, really cool guys. Just not seeing the pov of this who diss the old lineup and proclaim this group as the real gnr. Pubes.
  9. Dude, I think it is really lame how some critique every single performance that pops up on the Internet. Most recently w people saying "slash missed 3 notes at the hall of fame," but also all of Axl and the new bands performances. It's rock n roll! But those people pointing out every missed note are like sportscasters going to instant replay to point out a qb overthrowing a receiver. Rock should be raw, not note by note perfect, and thank god for that. Go back to any Zeppelin concert and tell me if page or plant are note for note perfect. They aren't and it's awesome. Axl n slash n dj n Conrad Bain all aren't note for note perfect, and that's f'n rock n roll baby! Pubes.
  10. Gotta say I really enjoyed seeing Steven up there totally nailing it. He was great! I've always tended to not particularly like him because of some of his shamelessness, but he was great and you could see how touched he was. And side note, Myles was great! Noone is Axl, but once you get past that, he was awesome. Would definitely pay to see a GnR show minus axl. Pubes.
  11. I think the letter is great, and respectful to Axl and the other gunners, past and present. They won't play and I suspect axl won't attend, but who knows. We can still hope for another week or so! Pubes.
  12. Axl and Eddie Vedder

    I recall Eddie doing an interview with Rolling Stone like 10 years ago - might have been on the cover as well - and he made a brief mention of Axl. He was asked something about song writing, and his response was something like, "I hear Axl Rose about hating lawyers and suing people and it's just not something I can relate to." Maybe someone else can remember the article and give an exact quote, but the gist was that he just doesn't get too caught up in being a rock star or celebrity. PJ and GnR are two of my absolute favorite bands, though I see what they represent as being so different. Kinda like Axl and Eddie are two great front men, but at least publicly are polar opposites. Eddie's thing is to seem like a regular dude where Axl is the rock star enigma. Love em both man. Pubes.
  13. MYGNRFORUM *not* closing

    Thanks Eric and the Mods... This has been the best forum for any band, and has been a daily stop online for me for several years. I appreciate you guys. THANK YOU! Pubes.
  14. Rumored Album Release Dates

    MTV has picked up on the supposed November 23 release. http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1596681/2...s_n_roses.jhtml Pubes.
  15. The Tentative Release Date of March 6th

    Most new albums that come out get a Rolling Stone review at least a couple of weeks before release. Obviously, CD is not coming out March 6 (shocking), but if it was to come out in March or even early April, would not a Rolling Stone review be looming? Anybody know if there is a review in the new RS coming out Friday? No info on the website (yet) on what albums are reviewed. Pubes.