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  1. Duggan was an utter POS and the world is a better place without him. He was just another cheap thug with a gun. Maybe he didn't actually have the gun in his hands and maybe the cop who fired failed to comply with best practice. But, then again when things go wrong we still can get good results.
  2. How long would it really take to rerecord the guitar parts on CD? Even if he rerecorded the guitar parts on a few extra songs that didn't make it only the album, it would only be a few months at most. A lot less if they really wanted to get it done quickly. The albums get released when Axl decides to release them.
  3. Do you count calories?

    I use the spark people app on my phone to track what I eat. Mainly it's to monitor my sodium and carb intake and to make sure that I'm getting enough protein.
  4. What do you like about W. Axl Rose?

    I admire his contributions to GN'R throughout the years. I've never met the guy so I can't really anything else about him.
  5. Flashback: Axl Rose and Slash Share the Stage for the Last Time

    Axl and Slash don't need each other. They have what is colloquially known as "f**k you" money and don't have to work with someone they don't like. It's the same reason why Pink Floyd won't tour again. My bank account is full and I don't want to spend time with that asshole.
  6. Batshit Crazy?

  7. Axl Rose Hires Famous Brazilian Personal Trainer

    The Gracie's? Did Axl travel back to 1993 when people still thought those clowns knew something?
  8. Batshit Crazy?

    He's a fat douchebag.
  9. The big question is, now that Rick is single, how long before he hooks up with Michonne?
  10. I don't understand why they left the hitchhiker to die who actually might have some useful skills, but they saved the old people.
  11. Batshit Crazy?

    Alex Jones is a fat conspiracy mongering wingnut, making money from people too dumb to see through his crap. He's also fat.
  12. Best opening credits for a TV show?

    Hill Street Blues
  13. Top 5 Favorite Movies of All Time

    1. La Grand Illusion 2. The Dirty Dozen 3. The Great Escape 4. Poltergeist 5. Battle Royale
  14. Should they reboot the Indiana Jones Franchise?

    There are things to love about Howard the Duck as an adult.
  15. Ayn Rand

    Why don't you tell us what you think accompanied by a rational argument, instead of spamming us with crap from leftist hate sites. I get the feeling that you think that everyone who is outside of your little ideological box is evil.