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  1. HMV gets shipment of album titled "Blue Tree's and Greem Grass"

    If they do a "surprise" release the first week sales numbers would be poor and everyone would call it a failure. Stupid idea.
  2. rumor: GNR on Letterman

    Thursday is bullshit too Monday, November 6 Will Ferrell (Stranger Than Fiction) "Jungle" Jack Hanna (Jack Hanna's Into The Wild) Tuesday, November 7 (Original Air Date: 10/24/06) Tina Fey (30 Rock) ESPN Radio's Mike Golic & Mike Greenberg The Killers (CD, "Sam's Town") Wednesday, November 8 Dustin Hoffman (Stranger Than Fiction) Chef, Jamie Oliver (Author, "Jamie's Italy") Cast of the Metropolitan Opera's "Il Barbiere di Siviglia" Thursday, November 9 Kiefer Sutherland (I Trust You To Kill Me) Jenna Fischer (The Office) Rocco DeLuca (CD, "I Trust You To Kill Me") Friday, November 10 Top Ten with Lost's Jorge Garcia Teri Horton (Who the $#%& Is Jackson Pollack?) Daniel Craig (Casino Royale) Elvis Costello & Rosanne Cash (CD, "The Harry Smith Project: Anthology of American Folk Music Revisited")
  3. rumor: GNR on Letterman

    Nobody is booked for Monday. The Killers are on Letterman Tuesday so it's either Monday or this is false.
  4. Cameras at MSG and East Rutherford

    They also have a no smoking policy but if you keep and eye on the floor they don't care.
  5. Cameras at MSG and East Rutherford

    MSG has no security or scanners. The security stands there and watches people walk in. Seriously. Just don't bring it in a bag.
  6. DJ: "We have the new Guns N' Roses track"

    That was the demo, but its possible the album version will be nearly the same.
  7. Promotion is starting, are you feeling the hype?

    In NYC GNR has been promoted since they announced the dates. Online ads on Blabbermouth.net, full page ads in magazines such as The New Yorker, constant give aways and radio plugs.
  8. New Track - "Better" - Used In Harley-Davidson Ad

    It doesn't matter that Paradis City fits better. Look at the buzz going all over HD's site right now and all the hits its getting from using a song like Better instead of one that just fits like Paradise Citty.
  9. New Track - "Better" - Used In Harley-Davidson Ad

    I don't like the mix, otherwise it sounds the same as the demo. Axls voice is too much on the forefront in this, the guitars need to be higher. So I prefer the demo.
  10. Set list

    Hopefully they mix it around atleast slightly.
  11. Chinese Democracy TV ad/promo Sightings

    Why would someone make a commercial spending thousands of dollars and not tell you what it is promoting at all?
  12. GNR partnership with MLB (Major League Baseball)

    If you were on the mlb.come mailing list you got the exclusive GNR presale in an email only about GNR.
  13. bachs setlist?

    Hmm, I'll be at a bar in NYC and probably have to ditch my friends so I can catch Bachs set if he's playing those skid row songs.
  14. Guns To Start At 10 PM

    I went to the May NYC shows and GNR took the stage 11 the earliest 11:20 the lastest...the shows ended 2 hrs later.
  15. Major League Baseball

    I think they will have ads on MLB.com and thats it. But that probably will have a lot of page views.