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  1. Very cool...plus, any time Cantrell is involved I'm down. His solo albums are great.
  2. GNR Article on ESPN Grantland - Building a Better Democracy

    Right, I definitely remember that....either way, it's not a song I'm in a big rush to listen to.
  3. GNR Article on ESPN Grantland - Building a Better Democracy

    Nothing in terms of actual songwriting. It's just the production - blips between vocals - sounds very cut and paste. I certainly hope it wasn't intentional, because it doesn't sound very good. If I'm the only one that noticed it, I'll just sit down over there....
  4. Ron Thal doing a Reddit AMA on June 5th

    It takes some time to get used to but once you get the hang of it, it's incredibly addictive. There are times I wish there was upvoting and downvoting on this forum, haha.
  5. Ron Thal doing a Reddit AMA on June 5th

    Hopefully he reschedules, AMA's are great. The Ethan Hawke AMA going on right now is awesome. Link for the lazy: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1fq1h6/i_am_ethan_hawke_amaa/
  6. Guns official page 1 hour down!!!"

    Though I am skeptical about anything happening, it is also strange to announce on Facebook about an hour-long maintenance outage.....But I suppose they haven't had much to announce lately. Might as well stay positive about it though right?
  7. That's awesome. Seeing him rock out with his band on the 24/7 documentary made me like him even more, and i'm not even a Rangers fan!
  8. Saturday Night's Mic Toss/Assistance Requested

    Not to get off topic, but the road crew are the guys/girls that make every show happen...and often the most under-appreciated people of the industry.
  9. Any chance of Jian Ghomeshi interviewing Axl?

    Absolutely agree. Not only is he a music guy, but knows how to ask good questions to ignite conversations. His interview with Billy Corgan was great: http://www.cbc.ca/q/uncut/
  10. Your concerts in 2012

    Maiden tonight!! (Toronto) - wearing my GnR fan club shirt...we'll see if anyone can pick me out of the pit.... Osheaga Festival (Montreal) from Aug 3-5, should be awesome and chock full of inappropriate behavior. Wish I could make the Gaslight Anthem show in Toronto but that sold out loooong ago.
  11. What was the song title hoarded by Madison?

    "Lol" is right...I've been here long enough to cringe whenever this story has to be re-hashed for newer members. What a shitshow, haha.
  12. Got mine yesterday (Toronto) with the AFD shirt. Hoping the new one doesn't take too long...Looking forward to wearing it to the Maiden show at the Amphitheatre.
  13. Axl Apologizes to Cleveland but Stands Firm!

    damn, you're quick.