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  1. Werdum just pulled off the biggest fucking upset in MMA history in just over a minute. I came AND shit my pants. WOW!!! Nice to know that Fedor is human after all. Jesus Christ, this is gonna take a while to process...
  2. It actually seems like a completely arbitrary thing because it doesn't make any sense at all to hype up a guy like Carwin and not do the same thing with Lesnar. If anything, it would be more logical to build up the latter, since he's the champ, is clearly the bigger draw, and has a more notable reputation for being a monster. All I can speculate is that consistency isn't a priority for the idiot in the back who fails with numbers.
  3. Film Thread

    Encouraging news: not only is he taking the director's helm, it looks like he has quite a bit of creative control, too. Rewrites for both The Avengers and Captain America are reportedly in the works. http://www.joblo.com/index.php?id=31737
  4. Nothing wrong with being cocky, but his antics are clearly annoying and off-putting to the majority of fans and officials. His lack of sportsmanship is also in a different league than say Brock Lesnar's school of "Talk all the shit you want now, motherfucker!" No, Silva is a unique breed of douchebag -- a genuine asshole who superfluously elongates his fights for no other reason than to disrespect the sport and turn his headlining bouts into self-masturbatory, showboating spectacles. I'm also convinced now that he's a supremely "safe" kind of fighter who only risks getting hurt against opponents who are more evenly matched against him. He'll explode and take a chance, imposing his aggression on LHW guys because he knows that finishing those bouts early lies in his best interest, but with MW's, he takes every opportunity to play the methodical sadist who basks in the humiliation of his opponents. He leaves his mark, maintains distance, refuses to engage, and seems entirely content with not only defensive reactivity from there on, but blatant acts of cowardry, which is the only rationale that can haphazardly explain his choice to gingerly circle around the octagon like an uber-pansy for the better part of three rounds. Simply put, hit-and-run is not a calculated strategy for Anderson Silva, it's perverse exploitation refined into an artform. But hey, if you get off on that, good for you. Eat it up when he's relegated to the prelims. No one is arguing that he isn't an amazing fighter. He could very well be the best P4P in the business, which is why it's all the more frustrating to watch him piss on his legacy.
  5. Film Thread

    No idea, tbh. All I know is that RDJ would be perfectly suited for his dialogue.
  6. Film Thread

    Joss Whedon will direct The Avengers. http://ca.eonline.com/uberblog/b176255_avengers_gets_director_joss_whedon.html
  7. Yep, UFC 116 in Vegas.
  8. Some of the info is wrong (i.e. Carwin wears 5XL gloves), but this pumps me up for what should be a killer matchup. New interview w/ Brock. http://sports.espn.go.com/videogames/news/story?id=5079589
  9. Slash discusses Axl and "Chinese Democracy"

    Slash is an upstanding guy and seems to understand Axl in ways that few people are willing to. It's a shame I can't get into his album more.
  10. Thanks for that! Nice to see Frank with his feet on the ground. I admire the dude for being upfront about his shortcomings and learning something from every fight. Another cool interview: http://www.torontosun.com/sports/othersports/2010/04/11/13542391.html
  11. Speechless, man. Silva is a complete tool. It looks like the GSP fight is being called off now. WTF?! I'd love to see him move up to HW and try to pull this kind of shit with any of the Top 5 guys in that division. That's a fucking pathetic excuse, too -- the idea that he felt disrespected. Jesus Christ, God forbid fighters talk a little trash to build up the bout. Two words: Frank Mir. Book it! On another note, pretty crazy upset by Frankie Edgar. Dude has a hyperreal standup game.
  12. Film Thread

    no u
  13. LOL, I hope they give that guy James Toney.
  14. Film Thread

    You got uglier, all of a sudden. Stick with your GaGa shit.
  15. Film Thread

    Do a 180 on your feelings and you'll locate my facepalm.