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Wild Rose

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  • Location Amsterdam-best place on earth to get high!!!
  • Interests This world is too fucked up and there's no much I give a fuck about it....Very few things are still good on this earth.....First one is that we still got DRUGS,without it life would be real shit and we couldn't even have a way to escape it for a while....Than I got the MUSIC (G n'R,The Doors,Evanescence,Metallica,Iron Maiden,Dire Straights,Pear Jam,The Cult,Aerosmith, Rolling Stones.....),living without it would be as living in hell....Since I bought it I became addicted to my PC especially because with it I can get all those info's and pics of AXL ROSE,that's as heaven for me..... Also I need my Play Station 2 and play few matches on Tekken5 everyday,I found out it's a great way to get rid of anger and agression......All my friends already made me aware of it I'M A DIFFERENT KIND OF GIRL.....is the best compliment I ever got.....

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  1. who has been to a gn'r show

    I was in Dessel (Belgium) 24-06-2006 and in Nijmegen (The Nederlands) 02-07-2006
  2. Sebastian Bach Interview

    And you must be even a bigger dumb idiot if you still can't undestand how much nice,talented and amazing BAZ is!!!!!! AXL+BAZ RULEZZZ!!!!!

    You dare to talk shit about AXL and to say "to shut & fuc$ up" to all the fans whom believe in HIM,me included, while you're hiding behind computer screen......Oh wow....What a man!!! I'm impressed from how much brave you're!!!! AXL and HIS music are very important for me and I can't stand when people talks negative about HIM. ESPECIALLY I CAN'T STAND WHEN SOME F**KING ASSHOLE AS YOU TELLS ME "TO SHUT AND FUC$ UP!!!! I wonder if you could show me how tough you really are.... Would you dare to come out from your hiding place than walk up to me,look me straight in the eyes and tell some bullshit about AXL and tell me "to shut and fuc$ up"??? Well....In all onesty I'm sure that without your damn PC's protection YOU would be the one whom would SHUT AND FUCK UP and than you would start running so fast as you can to save your your bitchy little ass .... ....
  4. Axl thank you for rocking

    Can't you read what he wrote,asshole?......And what did you dare to say about AXL damnd moron?!?!?! I hope that you'll not be surprised if I'll love to look you straight in the eyes and shout FUCK YOU SHITHEAD!!!! and than I'll love to add (just to inform the such big ignorant that you are) AXL ROSE RULEZZZ
  5. Will Sabastian Bach get the fuck out the picture?

    I readed somewhere that in one of the concerts of the past summer AXL introduced BAZ to the public as "The man who saved my life"......Well....I must say to you Kenada and to all the others whom are bitching about BAZ to stop bullshiting and think that maybe AXL wouldn't be here,touring again if BAZ would't had helped HIM out. I advice to everyone whom speaks shit about BAZ to connect the brain to the mouth before opening it and go to kiss BAZ'ass to thank him for what he did for AXL..... Everyone whom really cares about AXL and GNR must be grateful to BAZ and acclaim him not just for his undiniable talent but also for being a real friend for AXL when HE needed support. BAZ IF YOU'LL EVER READ THIS I GOT TO TELL YOU TO DON'T GIVE SHIT ABOUT WHAT A BUNCH OF ASSHOLES THINKS ABOUT YOU!!!! MANY OTHER PEOPLE KNOWS THAT YOU'RE A F**KING AMAZING SINGER AND A F**KING GREAT GUY....YOU ROCK!!!
  6. Should Del James Apologize?

  7. Sabastian Bach

    You rock man!!!!! You know pretty good how a real rock frontman suppose to be.... AXL & BAZ ROCKS FOREVER!!!!!
  8. Tour so far

    Well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,come on and show me all your abounding dignity...........show to all the world what is a REAL TOUGH GUY.......Be a REAL MAN and walk up to AXL and dare to look HIM straight in HIS eyes and speak to HIM in such way instead to be the TOUGH GUY hidden behind a f**king pc .........uh uh........too scared to do such thing BIG BOY?You know that AXL would kick your ass.....PUSSY!!!!!
  9. Will You Burn Copies Of 'Chinese Democracy' For Friends?

    You wrote "WE,THE DIEHARD FANS"....WTF?!?!...... Yeah...sure...."we,the diehard fans".......but please don't ever dare again to think that you're one of us..... A REAL DIEHARD FAN WOULD NEVER DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM OR MAKE COPIES OF IT!!! By making copies of the album you're going to rob AXL after HE worked hard on it for so many years and put in it HIS hurted feelings.... HOW YOU DARE TO DO SUCH THING?.....YOU'RE JUST A DAMN THIEF.....
  10. "November Reign"

    Pretty good post,man.... I agree with your point of view and I must confess that also I can't wait anymore for AXL's "November Reign" to begin....
  11. Slash vs Axl in court

    I thought the same......
  12. Im doing my part...are you?

    Since years already I'm playing GNR all day long and keep the window open.....everytime my neghbours bang on the wall I put the volume harder especially when I play Get In The Ring..... "You wanna antagonize me motherfucker?Get in the ring motherfucker and I'll kick your bitchy litte ass!!!!" Above this I've been telling everyone of GNR.....as I always did.... It AXL must hire me (and it would be nice if was getting my salary "payed in nature".... ) .....I'm sure that I'm the best P.R. HE ever had!!!!!.....Since I found out about GNR 16yrs ago all the people I met saw HIS face tatooed on my back and heared me praising HIM as the King of Hard Rock!!!!
  13. The Blues or Better.. which one do you prefer....?

    between these 2 songs I prefer BETTER......but my favourite among all the new songs is IRS......did everyone forgot about this great song?
  14. Aren't we all somehow deeply in love with AXL? "Axl throws these parties that would make Sodom and Gommorrah blush. He's like Caligula! He throws these incredible parties. In New York he did four shows at Hammerstein ballroom and threw these giant parties every night and everybody from Sean Penn to Lenny Kravitz to... I mean, you name it, they were there, just everybody famous just comes to see him play. It's just a lot of fun, you know. Axl definitely knows how to throw a fuckin' party, that's for sure." Wouldn't we all love to be at one of those parties? rock1 Damn it....I would give up all I got just to party with AXL for one night!!!!!
  15. GUNS N' ROSES Airport Terror T-Shirt Alert

    I agree too because I kmet many more of this kind of fucking cowards whom act as if they're so strong just because they're wearing a fucking uniform and they make abuse of the powers given from it just to prove to themselves that they can be someone...... they give me one more reason to wonder.....where this fucking society is going to???