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  1. Would any of you pay to see Guns N Roses again?

    I saw them in Vegas then Los Angeles in September. This month I am seeing them 3 more times in Los Angeles. I'd see them in every city if I didn't have a job or a life. Who cares if the album is released yet? The truth is it is great hearing all the old stuff-Appetite is the greatest album ever-Would you be happy hearing all new stuff at the show???--No!! When seeing Velvet Revolver the fans went crazy over "It's so Easy" and "Used to Love her". I know we all want a new album but at least Axl's hopefully done playing hermit in Malibu, it's good to see him on the road again and appearing to have a good time. Enjoy it while you can 'cause ya never know when he may cancel a tour again. Peace Out and remember worrying is a waste of time!