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  1. Engineering a Reunion

    Those of you branding Snakepit a failure are forgetting what the point of that band was in the first place. Slash ALWAYS had a problem with the big stadia gigs, and by forming Snakepit he was going back to his preferred roots. I don't think - and you don't know - that he wanted to rule the world with that band, and that's not EVEN what he's trying to do with VR. Snakepit - judging by the quality of songs and the fact that Axl sued for the material - were anything BUT a failure.
  2. Guns N' Roses - The best live band ever??

    I guess Bob Dylan didn't have the inclination to jump up and down on the spot and play shitty guitar... Eh Kurt ? [seeing as he's dead, one of his fans can step in]
  3. Guns N' Roses - The best live band ever??

    A lot of people think GN'R suck(ed) live. I don't, infact I think GN'R live is the best thing ever. But it's really a matter of taste. I don't want to see retarded assholes jumping up and down on the spot with guitars they're not even playing. [That means you Kurt] I'd rather see Slash sit down for the entire show and Axl doing a snake-dance.