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  1. Why didn't GN'R re-record Civil War?

    Civil War sounds great just the way it is. I wonder more of what UYIs would have sounded if Steven did all the drums. Would it have sounded completely different? Would it sounded more like AFD? Would it have been better?
  2. Yes they would have done better to go back to their roots of being a hard rock band. GNR was one of the few hard rock bands that did well in the grunge era. They could have continued to be great. I believe losing Izzy was really the start of the falling apart of GNR. Axl firing of Gilby the replacement for Izzy that Slash hand picked also did not help. Slash picked Gilby because he could write with him. Then Axl goes and hires his buddy without consulting Slash. Anyways, That is what I see as the begining of the fall of GNR. We can only imagine what GNR could have been if things went different. GNR at the time had more gas in the tank they just needed to get the pieces that worked back. Mainly losing Izzy was a big disaster that caused the domino effect of the self destruction of GNR. An example of a band that did not change much was AC DC they are still successful. GNR could have stayed doing the same style stuff and probably been popular because people just loved GNR.
  3. YOUR BAND !!

    Matinator I like your music. Sounds pretty rock'n to me. For the youtube video it sounded pretty good. The recording audio fidelity was not the best but the song sounded good too me. Would be better to hear what it is supposed to sound like on a album.
  4. Axl could record a hard rock record that sounds more like old GUNs. Just make a rock n roll record. Another option is he should join Bach's band that would be a good alternative imagine Angel Down with Bach and Axl for the whole album. Would be cool. I would like Axl to release archive material from the old guns. I would like to see more concerts footage from 1987 to 1993 on dvd or bluray. Would like it if more rare tunes from 1987 to 1996 were released. Would be interested in hearing any demos they have from before the band split up and Slash left. Would like An't Going Down to be released in a final mastered form. Would like some other rare tracks on a rare tracks album. Maybe heart break hotel, jumpin jack flash, any given sunday, etc... Of course a reunion with Axl having his voice in great shape again would be my wildest dreams but I am not getting my hopes up. Even better a new tour and album with a reunion with Axl in top form again. Maybe Axl should do an album where there are different guest musicians on it like Slash did. That could be cool. They could do maybe covers and some new songs.
  5. Bands that broke up at just the right time

    At least with VR break up we got a STP and Rage reunion so the timing was pretty good. I think the Audioslave breakup was a little early but the timing worked out since Soundgarden had a reunion. I really wish original GNR did not breakup so soon. I can only imagine the records they could have done if the continued after Illusions. Or imagine what Illusions could have sounded like is Steven did no get kicked out.
  6. Bending Spoon

    Check out this bands music. Grunge sounding band that has some good lyrics I think. It is a two person band. I found them on CD Baby years back. I think with better production this would have been a cool cd. Still pretty neat i think in its rough form. I really like some of the tunes like Swell and several others they are all pretty cool. The song called Unordinary seems to be a favorite on the cd. It is a pretty straight ahead rocker. I like the vocals. The guitar is simple but cool. The lyrics are pretty cool. Here is their myspace http://www.myspace.com/bendingspoonband "Bending Spoon was formed in late Dec of 2005 with former frontman of Honeywell, David Crozier and drummer Ben Byrd. After many ups, downs and members quitting the band, they decided to stick to the two member format. After a few weeks of trying to figurer out how to pull off a 2 member alt rock band, David picked up his guitar and began to joke around about modifying it to play both bass and guitar at the same time. After a day or two, that humor became reality when David modified and rewired his guitars to create both true bass and guitar notes at the same time. The band is no stranger to success or press; after landing the front page of several newspapers, radio rotation worldwide, magazine articles and even an article in Music Connection Magazine, they began to see that there might be a place for their music in this world. To the fans, Bending Spoon shines more like a symbol than an icon. "To give someone something to believe in is difficult until it is worded in a way they can relate," says frontman David Crozier."-cdbaby http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/bendingspoon
  7. Sounds great it does remind me of Bach for sure. I like it. Sounds a lot like Angle Down except faster. Pretty cool.
  8. Monster Magnet

    Powertrip is my all time favorite. Monolithic Baby is my second favorite. Then my third favorite is God Says NO. They were great albums. I do have most of the albums I think the only one I have not got yet is Mastermind.
  9. Monster Magnet

    Yeah I noticed Dave does not look as good now days. I know in 2007 or so they were really great live and Dave did great and he was in shape. I know Dave gained some weight and he is looking older now. I know his singing went down hill when Mastermind came out I looked at some live videos on youtube and thought wow Dave does not sound as good. Hope he turned it around since then. Dave used to have a lot of energy on stage when I seen him before he put a lot of effort in to it. I am sure old age caught up to him and slowed him down.
  10. Monster Magnet

    Surprising you said they were terrible because when I saw them in the 2000s they were amazing live. Maybe you saw an off night or maybe MM got better live. I have seen the band live at least 3 times. I know the line up changed some between God Says No and Monolithic Baby but they were amazing every time. They really impressed me with their live show.
  11. Monster Magnet

    I like Monster Magnet. My favorite is Powertrip. I have seen Monster Magnet quite a few times in Detroit. Met the drummer and guitar player after a show last time I saw them at the Filmore (used to be State Theater) years back during the Monolithic Baby album tour. Another band was the headliner and I was at the bar and the guys showed up to get a drink. I also saw Monster Magnet during the God Says No album tour at St. Andrews Theater. They were amazing live each time I have seen them. Dave lit his guitar on fire I remember smelling the lighter fluid at St. Andrews show. Then they put it out with fire later.
  12. Bands That You Wish Never Broke Up

    Guns N Roses Soundgarden Stone Temple Pilots Alice In Chains Rage Against The Machine Toadies White Zombie Motley Crue Van Halen (if Roth Never left) Nirvana Bush (if their lead guitarist never left) Sublime Megadeth (if the band stayed the same as Countdown that would have been cool) Metallica (wonder what if they did not lose Cliff) Loved Audioslave but would have rather had Soundgarden and Rage not breakup
  13. MTV VMA Videos

  14. I thought that Axl didn't like Jon Bon Jovi?

    I think it was a nice story. I never heard. Pretty cool that they can all hang out together. Bon Jovi New Jersey was a good album and I liked the Young Guns 2 soundtrack.
  15. Favorite unreleased track?

    Ain't Goin' Down. I think Don't You Cry demo would be agood unrelased track to release too. I like the Heartbreak Hotel cover song and the Jumpin Jack Flash cover not sure if those were ever released officially.