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  1. Yeah, and I was 14 at the time. And it was the day before Thanksgiving lol. My contribution to the topic, I was also at this one hah(Thank god they added the 2 extra shows, didn't get tickets for the first 2 that were announced). I literally got goosebumps, I wish there was a better quality clip of it, it was beastly in person.
  2. Was going to post this one, incredible and I was there! Haha.
  3. To who suggested I just make a play list, my cousin wants to see a show in it's entirety and not 'cherry picked best song performances'. I have a hard choice haha. Think I'm going to try to talk him into watching Ritz 88 and either Paris, Chicago, or Hartford(At least til I make it through all the posts). Thank you all that have shared so far, except the guy who suggested Rio '11 :P.
  4. I was considering Chicago(Because of Coma and Shannon Hoon on DC), watching what you linked, 2 of those are new to me haha. I love this forum. How would you rank those 3 overall? Edit - the Tokyo one was new to me and the audio is amazing. TY for bringing my eyes to it, I know what I'm doing for the next hour+.
  5. So I have a family member coming by in the next few days who knows my love for GnR(Every incarnation) but poo-poos it. He's offered to watch a full live concert that best displays why I love the band. I've thought of the Paris PPV, the Tokyo DVDs, Ritz, even Rock am Ring and the awesome LA amphitheater boot though I would prefer to show him a 88-93 show. Figured I'd throw it out here for what the consensus best performance/AV quality to show a non-believer haha.
  6. Wooo Catcher.
  7. Might be biased being there live but 6:15ish is one of the best to me.