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  1. Could youpeeps enlighten me, why exactly do you think it'd be good if Axl had quit GnR by now?
  2. omfg that might just be the worst ever rendition of SCOM i have heard
  3. Great/Really Good - Only thing needed to make it perfect is new music, doesn't even need to be an album in the short term...a single or EP would do just fine.
  4. Slash's intro to Chinese Democracy and Better are great, fantastic. His tone on the opening riff of CD sounds incredible to me. Not too happy with the TIL solo. Its ok, not that its shite but Robin's solo on the album is great and i'm kinda thinking it will be almost impossible to top.
  5. Matt's out for a couple of reasons. One is definitely his badmouthing of Axlto the press, other is his criticism of piano led songs like November Rain, Estranged etc... to the press. Atsome point this guy and his poodle perm thought he had the right to bitch about the band, its music and its singer without realizing he was always a hired hand. Only Axl, Slash, Duff, Steven or Izzy can get away with this but not a hired hand.
  6. One of the greatest. It's impossible to be a GnR fan and not be a fan of his work, he wrote the majority of the songs in every era.