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  1. You'd need to ask Slash & Duff why they accepted Axl had the rights to the name, it might be cause he was a founding member and they weren't, no one really knows. One thing is clear though, if Axl and Duff weren't totally down with giving Axl the name they wouldn't have done so. If they were in any way coerced into giving up the name it would be fairly straightforward to get the rights to the name back in court. As none of this has happened the only logical conclusion is that Slash and Duff were indeed 'totally down giving Axl the name'. If you have any evidence that contradicts what i just said then it's debatable, but it's been 20 years and Axl still owns the name so i'm going with logic on this one. P.S. The big three were responsible for the breakup, especially Axl and Slash and their huge egos not letting them budge from their positions.
  2. Hey guys, if anyone has a presale code they haven't used for Spain, Madrid please let me use it as im going with 7 friends and i can only buy 4 with mine. Thanks in advance
  3. Any periscope links?
  4. People actually like world on fire and aren't just trolling the thread by voting it?! I thought it was a ginormous turd! Anyway, depending on the day its 117 or slash/slash for me.
  5. Well this sucks as Izzys great and his contributions to AFD, Lies and UYI are critical but he's being unrealistic with this whole thing. Axl will be taking the biggest slice of the pie followed by slash and duff. Izzy and Steven would then be on the third tier. It's not about anyone's importance or anything, it's seems to me to be the logical split based on Each guys level of ownership of the band, it's catalog, licensing and their history with the band. Expecting an equal split doesn't mean Izzy got more business savvy, he's just very naive to think it could happen that way. Oh well this whole thing sucks as Izzy is now much farther away from joining the band than he was a few days ago
  6. 2010 was immense but I think he sounds better now than in 2006. Then there's Axl/DC, during that stint of shows just a few weeks ago he was easily at 2010 levels. His raspy high pitched singing and screaming were beyond amazing and the shock at how great he sings expressed by people who hadn't before given him a shot, even in his prime, is proof of that. Axl in one concert arguably topped Bon and Brian live performances by freakishly sounding like a mix of the 2 of them IN THEIR PRIME, and those guys are 2 of the greats who rightly share the top spots on those top singers lists with axl many times..Axl did that whilst sitting down!!! I'm actually still in kinda shock at what he did there.
  7. Axl or Slash would not have reunited without Duff. Matt thing is different, he dug his own grave with regards GnR. He bad mouthed Axl on interviews and tv shows like behind the music, he criticized the band for its piano based songs etc... Matt was deluded enough to think he could criticize the band, it's music and frontman as if he were part of the original lineup. Only the big 5 could get away with this, similarly if fortus or frank were to crticize slash or duff they'd be outta the band yesterday. Im not bothered matts out tbh. I just hope Steven joins at some point in next year, at the very least as 1 of 2 drummers to play the AFD songs live.
  8. I been critical of slashs this I love solos to date, but just had log in to say he just killed's solo was tremendous. Gotta hear it again tomorrow to confirm as I've smoked a good 5/6 joints but he could have just topped robins version