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  1. One of the greatest. It's impossible to be a GnR fan and not be a fan of his work, he wrote the majority of the songs in every era.
  2. Thats what i dislike about this forum. Posts like this from demented members who don't understand other people have different views and opinions to theirs. Groghan, please respect others opinions.
  3. OP asked why forum was so negative and I gave my opinion. If it isn't the voice, its the members, its the attire etc... Most people can't get over the fact Slash left, simples.
  4. Most of the supporters of the band have left the forum or been banned, ratio of haters to supporters is higher than ever.
  5. Slash would do it in a heartbeat, his last album was a catastrophic failure selling ~75,000 and he's pricing tickets dirt cheap to get people to his shows. Slash needs to apologize to Axl for mouthing off during the decade Axl was silent and blaming him for everything. Axl himself said that would be enough to start conversations and possibly a reunion, ball would then be in Axl's court to apologize for his part in the breakup. If Slash doesn't make a significant first step it won't ever happen.
  6. WTTJ is my favourite hard rock song of all time and the song that best sums up the classic lineup of GnR.
  7. In most, GnR are still one of the biggest draws in the 'rock' world, no amount of butthurt can change that.
  8. Why No Release? Simple.

    Groghan you are refuting the facts I provided with your opinions and assumptions, unless you can provide me with any proof to back up any of your claims I have to call them bullshit. Show me evidence to back up your claim that the albums in 13th or 15th place moved double as many albums as CD. I myself have not made any claims as to album sales for CD as there is no data available and I don't want to make any assumptions or leaps of faith in the same way I think you have, that's what leads to the persistent misinformation in posts like yours. If you aren't going to provide any evidence and just write another long post full of assumptions and strawman arguments just don't bother.
  9. Why No Release? Simple.

    Just because a lie is repeated many times doesn't make it true. According to IFPI CD was 14th best selling album of 2008 despite being released just 5 weeks before the year ended. Numbers say it was a massive commercial success regardless how much you like it or not. 1. Coldplay: Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends 2. AC/DC: Black Ice 3. Various Artists: Mamma Mia! The Movie Soundtrack 4. Duffy: Rockferry 5. Metallica: Death Magnetic 6. Leona Lewis: Spirit 7. Amy Winehouse: Back to Black 8. Various Aritsts: High School Musical 3: Senior Year 9. Lil Wayne: Tha Carter III 10. Rihanna: Good Girl Gone Bad 11. Madonna: Hard Candy 12. Beyonce: I Am...Sasha Fierce 13. P!ink: Funhouse 14. Guns N' Roses: Chinese Democracy 15: Britney Spears: Circus 16. Jack Johnson: Sleep Through The Static 17. Il Divo: The Promise 18. Taylor Swift: Fearless 19. Jonas Brothers: A Little Bit Longer 20. Various Artists: Camp Rock OST Did it sell as well as it would have, or another album did in 2005, or 2002, or 1999...of course it didn't, music doesn't sell that much. Don't take my word for it, look at the soundscan data showing physical and digital album sales the past 15 years. 2012: 315.96 million 2011: 330.57 million 2010: 326.15 million 2009: 373.9 million 2008: 428.4 million 2007: 500.5 million 2006: 542.4 million 2005: 618.9 million 2004: 667 million 2003: 687 million 2002: 681 million 2001: 763 million 2000: 785 million 1999: 754.8 million 1998: 711 million 1997: 651.8 million 1996: 616.6 million
  10. Looks like evil Axl is to blame for all the wrongs of the world again. Axl sure played a big part in the breakup for the reasons he gives but would it really hurt Slash that much to admit that he was a heroin junkie at that time incapable of controlling himself let alone decide anything related to the band. Shouldn't he mention Duff was on the verge of killing himself too due to the terrible alcohol addiction he had and that both of them have drug induced memories of what went down. Does he see that he fuelled the media's bashing of Axl post breakup by accusing him of stealing the name. A reunion can never happen until the day Slash mans up, realizes and admits the part he played in the breakup and reaches out to Axl publically admitting he made a mistake by not having his back when Axl disappeared for a decade. It may be too late anyway.
  11. Are There People Here Who Prefer CD Over the UYI Albums?

    Well, to me UYI 1 or 2 are on par with CD. AFD is clearly the best album.
  12. Has Axl moved legally against the RNRHOF? If not, why?

    Axl in his HOF letter said "I would not begrudge anyone from Guns their accomplishments or recognition for such.". He wasn't opposed to the members of the classic lineup getting inducted, he just didn't want to be a part of it, makes sense he didn't sue based on his statement. GH3 is an entirely different matter, he believes he had a verbal contract that was broken, so he feels he's right to sue even if some may see it as a minor thing compared top the HOF situation.
  13. Who is this has-been trying to kid here, i hate double talking pussies like Slash. Talking shit and spreading so many lies that his childhood friends have to call him out on them. Slash if you haven't noticed you will never join Guns again again. You are destined to keep on playing in half filled clubs as the irrelevant sellout you are. No amount of kissing Axls ass will change that now, good luck trying to beat the 40k sales your last album had loser!!
  14. what lyric best represents chinese democracy for you?

    "This melody inside of me still searches for solution...........a broken heart provides the spark for my determination"
  15. Axl Rose on Jimmy Kimmel talk show Discussion Thread

    Great news, it'll be a nice for a change to see Axl on a live show. It's a pity though if he doesnt play a CD track with the band as he's there anyway.