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  1. Pyro or no pyro

    The explosions are to keep whoever is out ta get him from actually getting him.
  2. Pyro or no pyro

    I like the pyrotechnics. They go well with Axl's high energy stage-show. But to each their own. B)
  3. This is Guns N' Roses-here's why.

    Of course this is GN'R, just like plenty of other bands that have changed lineups to various degrees are still those bands. It's legitimate to lose interest in a group if it changes too much for your taste or you don't like a new direction - but if that does happen I would recommend just finding new bands to enjoy instead of obsessing about the way things used to be on internet message boards.
  4. TMZ: Slash gear banned from GNR concert

    I'm not sure. I think the constant references to "Mr. Slash" gave it that extra pinch of legitimacy.
  5. A Special Thank You From Me To You.

    Thanks for stopping by DJ. You're knockin' it out of the park man!
  6. GNR now. The best ever?

    I wouldn't say that it's the best line up that's ever been...but it might very well be the best line up that could be. Even if all the original members got back together and got along there would still be factors that couldn't be replicated. It's a different time, place, the players are older and at different points in their lives. Plus there's the whole nostalgia factor of that late 80's era - and when that wore off after the initial excitement I think that most of the die-hard reunion supporters would be let-down by their own unrealistic expectations. GN'R would no longer be the most "dangerous" or biggest band in the world, and even with Slash and Matt Sorum they would not be playing to U2 or Kenny Chesney sized crowds. It's the music that matters really anyway. Who cares if an Arena is 85% full instead of "sold out"? You're still allowed to like the band. And with Axl singing great (as well as in great spirits) and the whole band playing tight as fuck I wouldn't trade that for some unknown outcome.
  7. As cool as this is I must admit I do find it a bit funny that it only took him three tweets before he required an extended character service. :xmassrudolph:
  8. Sounds reasonable. I don't really like them either.