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  1. Looking at his setlists, it's basically a one off. He played the same set in another show in Cyprus but before that it was all his own stuff except for the Pink Panther theme.
  2. You know, maybe the people of Cyprus wanted to hear a former Guns guitarist play Guns covers? I don't think it's hard to imagine that.
  3. Axl's an asshole but anything public involving Slash is the least likely thing to happen.
  4. It's a cheesy rock song. Not a fan. The reason why I was such a big Nu GNR fan was because of the complexity of the music. It was so grand and huge and structured weirdly with Axl's straining vocals adding the touch of a human in it. It was more progressive rock than hard rock. Going Down is just boring, Puddle of Mudd could have done it.
  5. This touring has kinda gotten out of control so I'd hope not. GnR used to have so much secrecy shrouded around the band before the build up of a tour. Now it's more of a novelty and I can't see GnR doing as well on a tour that they just basically finished doing.
  6. Axl Rose on Jimmy Kimmel talk show Discussion Thread

    I'm glad Axl did something normal for once. He came off as funny and friendly too, I thought he did fine. But god this really showed how much weight Axl has put on in the past year or so, that's just being nitpicky though.
  7. How this could have possibly been the official and only video for the most expensive and long awaited album of all time I could never understand. I mean, it's a cool video for a second single off of a normal band's upcoming album; but this isn't Chinese Democracy material.
  8. 2012 London Olympics

    Muse is amazing, sit the fuck down.
  9. I figured out why Axl said "Come on!" in this Video

    They were also much worse drummers than Frank.
  10. I figured out why Axl said "Come on!" in this Video

    Well, Axl really likes his drumming to be done like a machine. I've never seen a drummer have a perfect tour, they're human, they make mistakes.
  11. Yeah, this isn't brand new at all. There was someone willing to sell it for like 10 grand and he presented us with this clip to prove he actually had it. Nobody took him up on that offer though.
  12. Those sure were the days. Hopefully we'll still get that entertainment 4 years from now too.
  13. Remembering the Good ol' Days - 2010

    His rasp was excellent then. 2011 wasn't terrible in the latter stages either. Did he get lazy? Did he stop warming up? I don't know, but, i'm sure live it still doesn't sound terrible. Compressed videos never do justice to the actual in person performance. You can't tell me that none of you guys have been to a concert that you recorded and thought it was amazing then gone home, watched the video, and thought "Jesus, that was off key like a bitch."
  14. What's your favorite incarnation of New GNR?

    The 06/07 one. Great chemistry.