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  1. Buckethead and Bumblefoot friends?

    If what you say correct and this really bucket in this video, this is buckethead?
  2. Buckethead and Bumblefoot friends?

    so there is no one fuckin picture in whole internet on these days?
  3. Buckethead and Bumblefoot friends?

    It looks very similar
  4. I saw this pics in the web: those two guys was friends? because I don't know about something like that..
  5. Chile 2010

    Then he muttered a few words, big deal. I saw nothing thrown at him. Perfect chemistry between the audience to him and he sang it great. This is knockin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MFu5Zz2mrY
  6. Chile 2010

    chile win cause the fans, I mean if you need a show to promote, you choose a show with crowd like that. dont you?
  7. Chile 2010

    In my opinion this is the best show of current lineup, crazy fuckin crowd, Axl was in a great mood and his voice was on top, the all band was on fire. If you ask what show we will get on pro-shot I'll choose this concert. I wish they release it cuse this show can get this band up. check this out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgJbyQvK5mg
  8. 18/12/2012 - Tokyo, Japan @Zepp Tokyo

    One of the best jungle I saw this year
  9. I saw paradise city weak ago on youtube before they removed it, that was fuckin awasome.
  10. Anyone knows when I can get this shirt?
  11. Boring to you, exciting to the audience