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  1. GNR Top 30

    1- There Was A Time 2- Estranged 3- November Rain 4- Prostitute 5- Nightrain 6- Coma 7- Civil War 8- Don't Cry 9- Dead Horse 10- Paradise City 11- Better 12- Rocket Queen 13- You Could Be Mine 14- Welcome to the Jungle 15- Yesterdays 16- Locomotive 17- Sweet Child O' Mine 18- One in a Million 19- Patience 20- Shackler's Revenge 21- Don't Damn Me 22- You're Crazy (GNR Lies) 23- Mr Brownstone 24- It's So Easy 25- Dust N' Bones 26- Ain't it Fun 27- Down on the Farm 28- Human Being 29- Black Leather 30- Hair of the Dog
  2. Axl doesn't have an official Facebook account
  3. Chinese Democracy: from best to worst

    1- There Was A Time 2- Catcher in the Rye 3- Prostitute 4- Street of Dreams 5- This I Love 6- Better 7- Madagascar 8- Shackler's Revenge 9- Chinese Democracy 10- Sorry 11- If The World 12- IRS 13- Scraped 14- Riad
  4. What version of Paradise City is this?

    Myles? There is no Myles in that version. First half of the song its a combination of Cypres Hill and Fergie, and the end is only Fergie . But it doesn't really matter, he has a female voice anyway...
  5. The best jam of GnR

    Is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jXKNy4xoJ8#! With some Axl rant.
  6. New top banner please?

    Ah, didnt know. So, without logo is like this:
  7. New top banner please?

    If you want to continue with the line of this actual banner maybe something like this could work:
  8. New DJ interview...

    "Goodbye My Friends" without any doubts. Also "Accidents Can Happen" and "Live Forever" are pretty good. All the solos are good in general, but those three are the highlights for me. Or if you want something faster and less melodic try "This is Gonna Hurt" or "Lies of the Beautiful People".
  9. #NewGNRAlbum2012 campaign

    That's great. I did the same thing and emailed UltimateClassicRock. Would be great if someone makes a report of this campaign, the label and the band would see it hopefully. Maybe it's the label that dont want another GNR record, but if many people shows supports in some way and this begins to be reported then the label may think about it.
  10. Guns N' Roses South American Tour 2011???

    What a horrible poster! The ones from Argentina and Chile are MUCH better. I'm from Uruguay and about a possibility of a concert here, i've haven't heard even rumours.
  11. Chinese Democracy re-enters Billboard 200

    How a re-entry to a chart can mean that 'someting else' is coming? I think there is better reasons to think that, but this isn't one of it.
  12. Invent a cool GN'R song title

    Jet Li.
  13. New bumblefoot song tomorrow

    From Bumble's twitter: NEW BUMBLEFOOT SONG, "BERNADETTE" (cover of '67 Motown hit by the Four Tops) http://www.bumblefoot.com/press/20110118_-_Bernadette/20110118_-_Bernadette.htm
  14. Vote for W. Axl Rose - Best singer in history

    Thanks Alpa!