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  1. Haven't logged in here in ~ 3 years, but how could I not now. Where is volcano62 or whatever?
  2. Cartoon on GNR Facebook with Slash

    It's fan artwork, but posted/uploaded by the GnR page.
  3. BOARD UPGRADE 3.1.3 -> 3.3.4

    I prefered the older version. And the red font of the threads on the grey backbackground is just annoying to read.
  4. "Far and Away" first time played live in Paris, France

    God damn! Myles killed it at the end! Beautiful!
  5. Slash vs. Buckethead Vs. BBF

    That actually sounds like shit. If Slash was making music that sounded like that, I would kill myself.
  6. Welcome To The Jungle lyrics

    Greatest thread ever.
  7. Great image in Slash Facebook page

    The ass on that angel is...
  8. slash is a fuckin beast

  9. slash is a fuckin beast

    Consider yourself a lucky man that he played WTTJ. Hopefully some clips come up on YouTube of it.
  10. The Dark Knight Rises

    Eh... I would've preferred an ending where Batman was still alive, but wasn't that obvious to the audience. Maybe not show Batwoman/Catwoman in Paris when Alfred salutues them, so we may think what he's saluting to? I dunno, I'm obviously no director/writer lol, but I'm sure there would've been better endings.
  11. Axl and Dj Backstage Story

    Not sure if true or not, but Axl going down memory lane is a little believable, especially after him talking about Slash pissing his pants and stealing his girls, lol.
  12. The Dark Knight Rises

    I'm a little annoyed that people think that Batman was still in the Bat while carrying a nuclear bomb, and he survived the explosion. No, you twats! He wasn't in the Bat. Nolan made it seem like he was, but he wasn't. After the explosion scene, and when everyone thought Batman was dead, Fox was asking how he could've fixed the auto-pilot, but one of the workers said that the auto-pilot was fixed, and it was last accessed by Bruce Wayne. To make it simpler, the Bat was on auto-pilot. Bane is the shit! Dude is so alpha! I think I like him more than the Joker, but I might have to re-watch TDK again.
  13. Poll: Do you like or dislike DJ Ashba?

    He's a great cover artist. I guess I'll give him that. But the dude can't make his own music, clearly.
  14. Your Best Of Nu-GNR Choice?

    The posers. Surely, you must have heard of them. Edit- Oops, thought this was the Attitude section.