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  1. on dec, 15..GN'R in Jakarta...

    Boring set list, but i think still ok lah hahahahahahahaha
  2. on dec, 15..GN'R in Jakarta...

    FUCK, all i can say abt this tour is really fucking amazing, specially for Axl sound, he still fucking great , it took almost 3 hour and a half, this fat front guys is still energic and more he is the d good mood, he always dancing,smile to us and running, but too bad is the set list is make me bore, its same set list, nothing change ( Audience : ard 10.000 ?? ( VIP is fully booked ) Guns Kick start ard 130pm, and set list are : 1.Chinese Democracy 2.Welcome to d jungle 3.its so easy 4.Rocket queen 5.Better somebody pls help me hehehehehe 6. 7.
  3. on dec, 15..GN'R in Jakarta...

    I agree with you Del, shit man, Del respons it hahaha, fuckin happy heheh, c u @ Ancol Del , Terray rose from Jakarta hehehehehe
  4. on dec, 15..GN'R in Jakarta...

    Guys, Gays and girls hehhehehe, the boss has landed 6 hours ago INA time hehehehe, can 't wait for tom nite hahahahahaha
  5. on dec, 15..GN'R in Jakarta...

    Finally they will live concert hehehehehe
  6. Jakarta 15th Dec 2012

    Guys, Information from our ticket master ( Raja karcis.com ) , they also selling from Panormama tour. VIp : 30 ticket Festival A : 1300 Festival B : 900 Capacity : 7000 attend this is last status from 1 November, and acording them the ticket sales is very poor, but we still hv 1,5 mth until the date, and the worst is, most off ppl think, the old member is still in the band (, i hope the ticket will going goos for the sales..... Also if we comphare to Iron Maiden, they ticket sell is very fucking good
  7. Jakarta 15th Dec 2012

    you wrong man, i bought the VIP ticket on 19 Oct via online ( rajakarcis.com ), i buy 2 ticket , both festival A and B still not sold out, but after next 2 weeks, the ticket sell is getting good, both festival A and B, also VIP ticket is only for 60 ppl, rajakarcis.com, i think his name is Yusup, am copy my vip ticket hehehehePT. PANORAMA TOURS INDONESIA Panorama Tours - Sudirman Sona Topas Tower Lt.8, Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 26, Jakarta 12920, Indonesia Ph: (62 21) 250 6726 Fax: (62 21) 250 6728 Email: sudirman@panorama-tours.com Website: www.panorama-tours.com TO : MR ALEXANDER TERRY Attn : MR ALEXANDER TERRY JAKARTA DKI JAKARTA Phone : +62 - +628119206721 Fax : +62 Date : 10/19/2012 Due Date : 10/19/2012 Divisi : SDR No. NPWP/NPPKP : 01.955.108.4-073.000 Agent / TC : YUSUF Cost Center / PO# : - Description(s) Document No Fare(s) TICKET BOX - A01RED (A01RED) ALEXANDER TERRY TB1700000017 IDR 2.200.000,00 Ticket Box : GUNS N ROSES LIVE IN JAKARTA OUTLET (HH1350627329) Description : RESLY GUNAWAN TB1700000018 IDR 2.200.000,00 Ticket Box : GUNS N ROSES LIVE IN JAKARTA OUTLET (HH1350627329) Description : PT. PANORAMA TOURS INDONESIA IDR: BCA A/C: 261.301.779.8 USD: DBS Thamrin A/C: 230.000.6305 EUR: BCA Suryopranoto A/C: 261.392.0005 SGD: BCA Suryopranoto A/C: 261.391.1618 AUD: BCA Suryopranoto A/C: 261.555.888.3 Total : IDR 4.400.000,00 VAT : IDR 44.000,00 Grand Total : IDR 4.444.000,00 Remark(s): PAX PAYMENT TRANSFER BY BCA TGL.19/10/2012 PKL.09.15
  8. Exclusive: Axl Rose Interview

    I just can say, i can't wait for GNR live in Jakarta hehehehe