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  1. The Rolling Stones vs. The Doors

  2. Am I the only one who doesn't like Jimi Hendrix?

    Talented dude, great guitarist and a game changer, but as a front man/singer/songwriter??? not my thing.
  3. Best (Worst?) Movie that is So Bad it's Good

    Strange Brew
  4. Live NewGNR Moments You Wish You had Witnessed (2001-present)

    zoso Mentioned rock Am ring.... Best to live performances of these songs ever.
  5. third version of you're crazy

    Awesome, hadn't heard this in a while. I need to download one of those demo/rare track bootlegs again.
  6. Question To Female Fans

    You like them fair haired and ginger boys? eh, that's cool Izzy>> It a strictly we'd be bro's kinda way. But if we were tag teaming some chick and he jizzed on my leg I wouldn't get angry or anything.
  7. Question To Female Fans

    What about Izzy? He was like a better looking less talented Keith Richards. post gnr dreads izzy was a great look too
  8. Maroon 5

    yeah, the second album wasn't as horrible as the newest shit, but SAJ is the only album to waste any time on.
  9. Is Axl like a latter-day Mike Tyson at this point in his career?

    Is Tyson the guy from the Hangover?
  10. Question To Female Fans

    What if he didn't ask and just grabbed em? You're all liars, you'd say yes, and if he didn't ask you wouldn't object. :krider:
  11. What kind of car does Axl drive now

    So apparently he drove a bentley as recently as 2010
  12. Live NewGNR Moments You Wish You had Witnessed (2001-present)

    That rock am ring show was something else. When Axl's on he delivers some of the most memorable performances. Brilliant. I'd love to see TWAT live as well.
  13. Post YouTube vids you SHAMEFULLY like

    It really does shame me to post this.
  14. Absolutely awesome. Wish I'd been there.