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  1. What ur Granny Listened to

    Bliss... total bliss. Some Cab: Is that like a Britain thing? What is radio 4? EDIT: Googled, and Radio 4 appears to be some news bullshit???
  2. What ur Granny Listened to

    Tommy and Jimmy Doresy present "Art's Blues" The movie sucked, but the Jazz was top notched. Wait for it at 1:16. What? Is that Art Tatum on the ivory?
  3. The Night Slash Went to Axl's House

    Can we do that, now? Cool! lol fucktards Off topic, but ode to one of my favorite fucktards:
  4. Really? I see it as Slash with his gut tucked, chest out, and head askance. Rose, in an aggressive rant. Interpretation: Slash- fuck it! Let's go, but I don't want to. Rose- Listen to me, bitch!
  5. The Night Slash Went to Axl's House

    I don't even trust my own attorney, and I damn sure wouldn't trust the diaper changer.
  6. Didn't watch it, but reactionary bullshit most likely. Waterfalls burning: http://nyfalls.com/waterfalls/eternal-flame-falls/ ^^^ Natural methane seeps from Devonian shales in Upstate New York.
  7. I will buy that from you. How much?
  8. It isn't treated??? Good lord!
  9. I haven't read all the responses, but hydraulic fracturing of rock units, to increase permeability, has been done millions of times over the last 60+ years... safely. The anti-science no-frac reactionary ideologues use the same tactics as Young Earth Creationists, i.e, half-truths, non-truths, and out right lies!
  10. What Are You Listening To 2015.

    Donna The Buffalo- No Place Like The Right Time
  11. I Haven't Heard It

    Project much, brah?
  12. Ain't Goin Down--Opinions?

    Someone sucked a dick; then wished that they didn't....
  13. I Haven't Heard It

    Does it suck like the rest of the ChiDem shit?
  14. Nirvana vs. R.E.M.

    OP is a phaggott! Apples and Oranges is teh difference.EDIT: If anyone other than Miser is the OP... just sayin'
  15. What Are You Listening To 2015.

    Joan Jett-- Bad Reputation via FM radio