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  1. Couldn't agree more. I'm looking at Miami ticket sales right now and it seems like only about 20% of the tickets are sold so far, including many bought that are now on the secondary market. It was just 4 months ago that Floridians filled up a football stadium for the Orlando show to see a band that hadn't been together for decades. But to do it again in a baseball stadium for a band they just saw a year earlier? And to put them on sale just two weeks before Christmas when many people are already maxing out their credit cards? It's hard to justify at those prices. They've got 8 months to sell tickets, they'll get sold but no doubt after some big price reductions. And I know a few people that won't go because of The Mexico Incident, I figured that would impact US ticket sales.
  2. Glad it worked out for all of you and she got her money back. Hopefully the guy who sold her that ticket gets banned from using StubHub again. Good thing security was cool about letting her in the venue with a used ticket.
  3. I am not at all surprised about the lax security, as I've walked into several restricted concert areas over the years. How did Liz buy her ticket? If it was on StubHub, she should call them and demand a refund. She didn't confront the person who was sitting in her seat? I always wondered what would happen if a seller uses a downloaded ticket that they already sold.
  4. Another Palm Beacher here! And I also went to Vegas, saw just the first show though. That'd be funny if we were on the same plane, although I flew out of FLL and I'm guessing you flew out of PBI.
  5. Logo Vegas shirt or 2 skulls Vegas shirt?
  6. Look for the guy in the forum shirt?
  7. Smart choice, I'm in 7 too. Yeah 12:30 AM (assuming you stay to the end) in an unfamiliar area that's known for crime just ain't worth saving a few extra bucks.
  8. I think the number of people around will depend on where you park and how big the private lot. There's no curfew, so I'm guessing the concert will be over around 12:30 AM ... not a good time to be wandering into the wrong area. I recommend going to or and get familiar with the area around the stadium. I don't mean to scare you, but Orlando has some really bad areas ... that's why it's got a crime index of 2 (out of 100).
  9. Are you staying downtown? If you've already got free parking at your hotel then yeah it's a good way to save a few bucks, otherwise I wouldn't recommend it. The lots and garages downtown will charge around $15, only $5 less than parking in the venue's lots. Worst part about free shuttles is after the event it's a very long wait to get on board the next available shuttle, I've done it with the Daytona 500 and it was a 2+ hour wait to get on a shuttle. I also was next to a couple of very drunk folks that looked like they were going to vomit so they were handed bags. LOL! Personally I'd rather spend that time tailgating in the lot or sitting in my car than standing in a line, especially with the heat and frequent possibility of rain this time of year.
  10. That's a common practice, putting the worse tickets for sale first because they're harder to sell. It gives fans the false impression that those seats are the best of the remaining unsold tickets, and they think they have to buy them or risk getting shut out. Then Ticketmaster puts the better seats for sale because they are a lot easier to sell. Gone are the days when all the best seats go on sale first. It does help prevent the scalpers from scooping up all the best seats though, because they don't know when the better ones will go on sale and they can't be bothered to keep checking. I wonder if there's gonna be anything special happening at this particular show, as I think it's the first major event in Orlando since the shooting. Still a lot of people in the area trying to cope and heal.
  11. Dude I got that EXACT same shirt! Wore it to Vegas, will be wearing it to Orlando. Never saw anyone else with it until now. LOL