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  1. Hammerstein Ballroom - seven years later...

    I was at the 4th show. 2006 was such a missed opportunity. GNR came back from out of nowhere, the leaks came and had a positive response, the band was great, Axl was in shape and driven, and shows were getting praised left and right. The general public I think was ready for GNR's return in 2006. Had they capitalized on the early buzz and momentum, things with CD might have turned out differently. Instead it was squandered, more people left the band, and for some reason Axl has now seems to have stopped caring. Maybe the whole process disillusioned from 2006 to getting CD out in 08 and it not getting any real push just sucked all the energy out of him. It was his baby after all.
  2. Did Bucket make the right choice by leaving?

    Yes. He's an artist. He likes to release music. We've gotten one album from the new incarnation of the band. When did they start? 97/98 or so? So figure 15 years and we've gotten one album despite thousands of studio hours and millions of dollars. I love Axl's music. I love ChiDem more than most. Honestly, I can't figure out why anyone makes the choice to STAY in the band. Nothing ever gets released and they are required to drop any projects they might be involved in at any time to get back to Guns.
  3. 2º Bridge School Benefit Show Oct 21, 2012

    Go find some bootlegs or videos. There were absolutely some rough nights 91-93. Even the concerts from Tokyo that got released have some brutal moments in them.