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  1. The title of this thread is an appeal to authority. A logical fallacy. Opinion posing as fact. Boooo.
  2. I have no idea how one can say Axl's voice in '02 was weak. The Jungle intros were the best ever; he screamed his head off through LALD in a way he never could before or after '02, etc etc. He could sing Rocket Queen with quality...He could sing YCBM.... I understand if some people dont like the high voice, and I understand that his voice could waver a lot when he was running around and shit, but overall I think the '02 voice might've actually been his most powerful. He was determined to one-up the old GNR. He did it with a kick ass band, a whole new look, and yes, his voice.
  3. This is the gig after Rio. Haha Axl is the best:
  4. 2013 was slightly better than '11/'12, imo. I think he was pissed and got depressed when, after kicking ass in 2010, management didnt have U.S. dates set up for him. In 2010 Axl could have potentially really kicked some ass in the U.S., he knew it, and his plans didnt materialize. Therefore he let go a little bit, and decided to play it safe since 2011. That's just my speculation. Also, for someone who is such a perfectionist and "wont allow himself" to get into addiction, it's somewhat alarming to me to see Axl behind bars serving drinks, and November Rain at '11 Rio he seemed like someone who drank too much and/or took pills. I dont know if he had any surgery. But I think he can turn it on when he wants to. The Rio gig was a disaster, and the very next gig in Chile he sounded fucking awesome. See Estranged, particularly the end.
  5. Petition for ITW to replace Live and Let Die

    I personally enjoy this. You dont see Axl damn near scream his head off like 1:40 anymore:
  6. Ron's latest tweet

    Matt's best tweets are the ones about gun control. You know the guy who owes everything to GUNS n roses and Velvet REVOLVER. Can we just get rid of Ron and DJ and insert Izzy? Please?
  7. Manets Interviews Gilby Clarke

    You tell 'em Uncle Jesse! Jk, I've always liked Gilbs. Also, I've listened to TSI in the past six months more than any other GNR album. 1-5 and 12 are my faves. Matt is given a lot of shit and his twitter politics is laughable, but when it comes to just being a rock drummer, well, he rocks! One of the best air drumming in the car albums, ever?! Perhaps!
  8. GNR 1985 Frat Party Photo July 21st 1985

    I think its hilarious when people in today's homophilic society see Axl's assless pants and throw a fit. Derrrp.
  9. Please Tell Me The Beef With The 1992 Tokyo Show?

    I'd say a big part of it is that fans are territorial and snobby; therefore, this Tokyo video which was released on a wide scale, resists their control. That said, Tokyo looks bored to us because they arent tearing each other apart. So it looks like the band is playing to a dead crowd. It's in a big dark place instead of outside and exciting like Paris. There arent any rants or Axl jumping out in the crowd. They were a well-oiled machine going through the motions (like Metallica has done for 20+ years), which isnt as exciting, dangerous, or "GNR" I dunno, anything people can bitch about, they will.
  10. Going Down Were Made During the Bucket Era

    Thank You, good sir!
  11. Im as big an Axl nutswinger as anybody, but if he cares so much about artistic credibility, he will eventually get back with Slash...and hopefully Izzy, Duff, and either Matt or Steven. They simply have a knack for making music together. Axl and Slash bring out something special in one another, beyond the sum of their parts.
  12. You say LB hasnt aged well. Well, GNR didnt sound good to the ears of those from the late90s-early 00s. Time is not so linear. Things come back. LB may very well be relevant. And frankly, that last album, Golden Cobra, was pretty tight. Btw I thought it was hilarious watching Fred saunter up like Axl. Wes Borland is as creative as anybody. They're cool.
  13. John is too much of a pussy to be in GNR. I love his music but its not heavy enough for GNR, simply. WHAT makes somebody think that Axl and John would sound good together, and who would think that their control issues and artistic visions wouldnt collide from day one?
  14. Limp Bizkit and GNR are two of the most shit on, easy targets in the history of music. You people are lazy and dumb as hell.
  15. New Pixies EP

    Shit this is pretty good, thanks for the heads up: