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  1. The Boxing Thread

      Yeah I commend him for taking this fight, the Brook fight will always be there, it's likely he loses but however he loses it only takes a few fights to build up the anticipation for that again, he'll just have to come down from his 10 million he demanded. It was about time he had a fight against a dangerous opponent again, Alexander was a solid win but not many picked him to beat Khan, very few boxers can beat amir without knocking him out. I read that Khan weighed around 160 against Alexander, that doesn't make the weight seem that much of a problem. Mayweather and Cotto aren't bigger than Khan but Alvarez is a pretty solid combination puncher and accurate, he did enough to beat Lara and Trout who are pretty slick. Obviously Floyd completely bamboozled him but Khan has a chance. I just don't think he's going to survive when Canelo corners him, he won't be able to tie him up as easily as he has the recent guys he's fought.
  2. Red Hot Chili Peppers

    I really love Fru and Klinghoffer's record A Sphere In The Heart of Silence
  3. What Are You Listening To 2016

    Homecoming - Kanye
  4. I don't want any proshots until Axl's voice is warmed up, which is usually halfway through a tour. Imagine if they had some televised performance in the middle of the 10 tour everyone would've given him the respect his live yodeling commands when it's warmed up properly.
  5. It's the modern interpretation of Hey Bulldog with all the crushing glitz of a wailing sandstorm out in the arabian boondocks, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  6. The Boxing Thread

    It is true that nobody except Mayweather, Lara, Ward or Rigondeaux outboxes Khan and Alvarez is still flat footed but he doesn't half have some combos, he can really put them together. He had Lara running for the hills and still outpointed him imo cause whilst Lara is a master boxer he didn't much like getting tagged by those shots, I don't think Khan stays away for half an hour, Alvarez is a vicious body puncher and Khan will slow down and he had little power at welterweight let alone north of junior middleweight against someone who'll weigh 170 on fight night. Cotto is a big puncher and he barely moved Canelo.
  7. The Boxing Thread

    Can't believe what I've just read   Amir Khan vs Saul Alvarez for the middleweight title in May! Fucking crazy! Guess Khan wasn't pissing around about wanting a superfight, he's gonna get iced but can't fault his ambition.
  8. Release some new music Axl...

    Exactly how I feel, I want the sequel tracks I don't really care about a reunion although yes it's pretty interesting news but I want new music from axl... yes it's pretty phenomenal if we get new tracks and Slash and Duff on them, but I'd have been happy with Bumblefoot and Fortus, even Ashba here and there and some leftover Bucket and Finck stuff. I hope to hell he hasn't just shelved those songs and he releases an ep or reworks them or whatever.
  9. The Boxing Thread

    I actually read about Bruno today, the uk board absolutely will not license that, who's he going to fight, what's the point, let him get training some youngsters even do some sparring if he wants, he has serious mental health problems too which wouldn't help things between the ropes. What's he going to do get in the ring with Joshua and knock him out in two rounds? It's car crash tv, I even feel grim about someone like Shannon Briggs begging for a big fight when he's taken too many beatings but at least he's active you know. Bruno looks in decent shape but he's been out for ages there's nothing good about him wanting to be back in the ring. I loved his fights with Tyson, he was a decent fighter just not a great one.
  10. What Are You Listening To 2016

  11. Rank: Top 5 GNR Songs?

    Locomotive Estranged My Michelle Breakdown Catcher In The Rye
  12. What Are You Listening To 2016

    Bennie And The Jets - Elton John
  13. The Boxing Thread

    I watched Kova vs Pascal 1 again earlier, Pascal had some really great moments in that fight, Kovalev got fucking nailed by a couple vicious counters and he just nodded at him, he has a great chin himself. Guerrero Garcia was a fight of two halves, Garcia is nothing special, he's just a solid fighter which isn't a crime. Guerrero had been battered by Thurman (showed a lot of guts in that though as ever), knocked down by Martinez which he arguably lost, 11-1'd by floyd, beat Berto who is more or less C-level, he was a good prospect at the lower weights from what I understand, I think I watched two of his fights whilst he was coming up from lower weights. Garcia should've looked much better. Ancient Morales he needed two fights, Judah he made difficult, Matthysse was an impressive win, he should've lost to Herrera, Peterson could've gone either way. Guerrero is a gatekeeper at this point, Malignaggi was a gatekeeper, Peterson is a good win regardless, Salka was a circus, Khan was a good win but anyone who can punch can flatten Khan, I'm still confused how he survived the Maidana fight lol. Garcia is not a great fighter but he's good and he always brings it so I can't knock him, I kinda like his old man too, he doesn't half chat some crap but he's got some pearls of wisdom too.
  14. Anyone seen that video of Anselmo talking at some university about tons of stuff, I really thought him discussing the time he was a proper smackhead riveting, It's a really depressing but interesting talk he does.
  15. The Boxing Thread

    Thurman vs Porter coming up, great fight. I got Thurman. I'm really glad these two took the fight, Garcia needs to be fighting the winner , Khan needs to fight Brook, Bradley and Pacman duking it out again, Broner, Algieri, Ali, Guerrero, Berto, shame Maidana can't get his fat ass out of retirement. A really hot division and Floyd will come back and take someone out, Cotto and Marquez too come to think of it, they could mix it up being free agents, just a shame there's the shitty top rank haymon divide. Kovalev vs Pascal 2 tomorrow isn't it? I don't see the point of the rematch, Pascal showed a lot of heart in fight 1 but he had no chance. I don't understand why he's getting Krusher more pissed off because that won't turn out well for him and he looked like dogshit in his last fight. Roach won't do anything, when has Roach been a savvy defensive specialist in his own career or as a trainer lol.