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  1. GNR iPhone/iPad App - Free Codes

    This is v1 of the app so more features will appear from time-to-time. Glad to hear that you dug the quiz, locations features etc. Hope to add additional photos to the gallery over time - oh and, do you realise how much photo licensing costs? When you mention price, not sure quite what you think is reasonable for 1.59, which is around the price of a carton of milk, substantially less than one beer....
  2. GNR iPhone/iPad App - Free Codes

    Hi Everyone, Sorry for lack of instructions. If you go to the iTunes homepage there's a button called 'Redeem' under the 'quick links' section. That's the path through to using codes.
  3. GNR iPhone/iPad App - Free Codes

    Hi Guys, I have some free codes for the GNR iPhone/iPad App released last week. Codes only work once, so first to grab 'em gets 'em. App is available on iTunes and The App Store Here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-guns-n-roses-vault/id541993784?ls=1&mt=8 Codes: M37FPYL9PLLW J3T6M497974Y 7669YT3H7R37 FJ43HNWKJFER PWY33KRH7A6Y