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  1. What phone or camera do you use for this filming? It's top quality. Thanks for sharing with a GNR fan in Canada. Cheers!
  2. Where do you get these images of the lithos? I was thinking of having them printed on photo paper and frame a few of them.
  3. Sorry if this was answered before, but what is the instrumental music played after the Looney Tunes theme in the intro to the concert?
  4. Wow. That was an amazing performance. Now I understand about 2010 comments. I hate to say it but Ax may have hit his apex of vocal ability back then. That rasp is rarely heard for a full song on this tour.
  5. Why was Axl's voice so great in 2010? What made it so good then? More raspy? I haven't looked up 2010 performances on you tube yet.
  6. That is one spectacular venue. This place was called Candlestick once wasn't it? This would be a great stadium to start the show with some the old Paris '92 gig.