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  1. 2010 every day! It kills me that he had such a great and raspy voice for such a little audience! :l
  2. Yes, he probably would nail it but why sing it? They broke up, each member took their own way, if you are going to sing the other one's solo material why you ever disbanded in the first place?
  3. They start talking about Axl at 14:05
  4. Steven made a bad decision on getting involved on the reunion, I understand that it was his dream to play with his friends but he promoted the tour making it almost a "full reunion" and all that he got was a bad treat according to this If I were Steven or Izzy I would have never played with them, it was obvius that he would be treaten like that, being paid for a couple of songs while the other 3 gets all millonaires
  5. baited!
  6. of course he will say that the current line up is better because is the current one! This reminds me of dizzy saying the same in the past
  7. I guess it's one of these gigs, richard's white jacket is here
  8. why does he talk about gnr? talk about your band and your next record, always bitching about gnr, he tries to make the band smaller while making it bigger, always jealous of them because GNR with doing less are more succesfull
  9. axl wearing a white t-shirt cool