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  1. As long as Axl/Guns continues to be managed by his fucking housekeeper, there's not a snowball's chance in hell of a reunion. They've worked long and hard to estrange (pardon) any and all around them who can fuck with their meal ticket (read: actual management like Irving Azoff and Doc McGhee, both of whom pushed hard for a reunion). And a reunion most certainly would entail real management: Slash and company aren't going to kowtow to Axl's nanny. But those two have got Axl's ear and his wallet and they won't let go any time soon.
  2. FREE Download of our debut LP "The right to remain" @ www.hellchamber.com www.youtube.c...h?v=lhSPnThhjFU
  3. today 2 years ago: Rock in Rio 2011

    Here today, gone later today
  4. Thanks guys, I appericate the feedback. www.hellchamber.com
  5. Thanks for checking us out and for the feedback! I get the sebastian thing but funny thing is when i first started singing my influances were rob halford, bruce dickinson, james hetfield and appetite era axl.. I didn't listen to skid row untill much later.
  6. Excellent old-school (yet fresh-sounding) heavy metal! The vocals are a remarkable aspect of thier sound, like Skid Row meets Judas Priest, giving Hellchamber a unique edge. ” Harvest Moon Music 2012 Orginal Old School Thrash/Classic Metal and cover of Judas Priest's Hellion/Electric Eye. (promo video) l http://www.facebook.com/Hellchambermetal www.hellchamber.com Bursting onto the scene less than a year ago, Hellchamber has just issued their self-titled, 3-track debut EP (which you can hear and download in its entirety on the band's ReverbNation page). Hellchamber's sound fits squarely within the 3 Inches of Blood / White Wizzard retro metal arena, with voluminous riffs, fist-pumping beats, and scorching vocals. In fact, frontman Shane Stone's vocal style is eerily similar to that of his fellow countryman Sebastian Bach. Imagine, if you will, a caustic mix of Slave to the Grind era Skid Row and mid-'80s Judas Priest. For those whose imaginations are less than vivid, Hellchamber includes their cover of Priest's "The Hellion/Electric Eye" on the EP. Fans of adrenaline-soaked, classic metal can do themselves a favor by staying up-to-date on Hellchamber's activities via their Facebook page - after consuming the band's EP, of course http://www.harvestmoonmusic.com/2012/07/indie-spotlight-hellchamber.html
  7. So overall, was the theatre tour a success?

    This act needs to release some amazing Hard rock tunes in the vien of Paridise, You could be mine and then and only then will rock radio put nu guns into heavy rotation again. Most people who grew up on old school gnr don't want to hear these epic ballads of lost love and shit.. and yes the tour was a huge success
  8. Chinese Bonkers

    Pretty cool! except guy at the end murdering sc was brutal
  9. 20 Gigs to go - Then what?

    The small shows were for celebs and select friends not like it was for the true fans
  10. Merchandise?

    The axl action doll from Hasbro (*Warning doll does not play well with others and may refuse to leave the toy box with out any notice*) Silly hats and red bowling shoes are now availiable.
  11. Axl Rose parties at a GAY bar (NME)

    Immigrants and F@ggots They make no sense to me They come to our country As i munch on some cheese