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Axl Rose Chat #5 - cd - Dec. 14, 2008

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DATE: Dec. 14, 2008
SOURCE: chinesedemocracy.com

Axl answered more questions from fans at cd.com.
Here's a transcript of the chat:

Q:- Will you go back into the studio again to record, or are you done with all the things have recorded currently?

A: Probably and thatís a joke right? lol

Q: - Will there ever be decent promo and interviews etc concerning this album or is this it?

A: There were imo well thought out plans and strategies that unfortunately were ignored once we were pressing CDís. There will be proper interviews and some are already scheduled for much later intentionally. God idea, badÖweíll see. Iím happy the recordís out the restÖ one nightmare at a time.

Q: - What is your favourite band atm/ what was the last concert you went to?

A: Donít really have a fave at the moment. Iíd rather not comment so much on what I listen to or what bands etc. That hasnít turned out well so much and seems especially if Iíve been positive so Iíd rather focus on this band. Canít remember. Actually perhaps surprisingly Iím not so big on live shows personally, never have been. Thatís not to say I canít go to an event and have a good or a great time and really enjoy it.

Q: - Why did you decide to sing that line, "But I don't want to do it" in that voice?

A: Because I like it, feel it absolutely fits the song, is a bit reggae etc and is lots of fun personally.


A: When we can!!

Q: -how do you take very deep emotional things to extract words, notes, songs ?

A: Always different, most times much harder than Iíd prefer and of course if itís about something unpleasant that brings other difficulties into play.

Q: -This I Love is incredible, what's the next song in the trilogy?

A: Not sure, we have an acoustic piece I feel I can really work with and can hear the rest of the ideas for in my head so maybeÖ

Q : -Hows the autobiography going?

A: Answered.

Q : -What does the future hold for 'OMG'?

A: Thereís a remix w/lots of new vocals and a wilder guitar intro but itís not taken all that seriously.

Q: -Will Brian May appear on Atlas Shrugged?

A: Perhaps on an alternate or bits, on that track it has more to do with recording issues and getting the mix to a good level.

Q: -What had happened to the 01 and 06 supposed DVDs.

A: What DVDís?

Q: -Thanks for appearing on MJ Fox parkinson disease event.

A: My thanks to Michael, Mohammed and Martin Scorcese for having me.

Q: -Are you gonna come to Croatia biggrin

A: Iíd like that. Your part of the world has been through so much.

Q: -What part of guitar work for TWAT is yours?

A: I wrote Robinís bit in the second verse. Thereís microscopic bits throughout usually woven down in the other guitars. There bits throughout the end, the basic power chord bit was originally mine, thereís a ghost like bit that formed the basis for the end vocal melody right befor e Robinís riffís in one side in the outro before Bucketís solo and as it gets to the very end thereís lotís of little over dubbed bits woven in and out very small but structured bits.

Q: And which women influenced the writing of the new ballades.

A: Ha! Weíll get to these a bit later as theyíre a bit more complicated than a simple answer of a few names but most are composites and became much more about the song than particular individuals.
Also again Iíd like people to have a chance to develop their own relationship with the material a bit. Not dodging as most of these answers will come out over time.

Q: - Axl, will you release the HOB 01/01/01 on dvd, or have it available for download for fans through the gnr site?

A: Asked and answered.

Q: -Do you plan on being on the forums sometimes or is this a one time thing?

A: Weíll see how it goes.

Q: -Any plans on updating the website to make it more...fan friendly? And what ever happened to the fan club thing?

A: Iíve started (again) recently to make an attempt to try and get something going there. Itís been extremely frustrating. Iíve had ideas but former management went with theirs. Previous to what we have now Iíve consistently had others attempt to pressure and railroad me into working with others that I chose not to as it was more about managerial control than a good website and not in my best interest so the ideas get shelved and it generally just sits there. Plus as frustrating as it was for everyone it was not time to talk publicly. So it gets consistently shelved.

Q: -What are your views on Contraband and Libertad?

A: Iíll save this one. These are obviously highly charged areas and Iíd rather take things one step at a time.

Q: -IF Robin is gone, who would you want to replace him?

A: Good questionÖ! biggrin

Q: -What's goin on with this biography of yours

A: Asked and answered.

Q: -Who's Shackler and why does he want revenge?

A: He lives deep within each and every soul stirring only when the moon is rightÖ or to the smell of KFCÖ. Or as Brain says ďOnce upon a time there was a ShacklerÖĒ ninja

Q: -How'd you get those weird sounds in the beginning of the song that sound sorta like elephants?

A: Thatís Bucketís guitar. Which knowing that, itís how I hear them and I could understand others having a different impression.

And on another noteÖ I donít really get the ďindustrialĒ rap it gets considering these are guitars with very minimal keys. Some of what may be mistaken for keys are Bucketís different guitar bits and my underlying background vocals. Imo as itís not clear to the average listener exactly whatís happening and itís not something most are used to it tends to get lumped in to a category and by some itís not so innocent as itís being cute which again imo does a disservice to the song and the band kinda like how I felt when Sweet Child won a Moonman as heavy metal.

Iíve never been fond of that type of labeling as it tends to try and pigeon hole the material and the band especially in the mainstream media. Though there are others who legitimately enjoy the track and see it that way for their own reasons as well so then maybe itís not all that important.

Also though Bumble is playing several parts the basis is Bucket and the main verse riff is his and his performance. Bumbleís correct in what he said publicly itís just that thereís a lot more going on there as well.

Q:-What's a Riad/Bedouin and can you clarify for the last time if the song is Oklahoma or not?

A: Another one step at a time question! Itís not Oklahoma which later became Berlin and subject to change.

Q: -When's the next album coming? Are you still planning the multiyear thing?

A: No idea and that was someone elseís thoughts.

Q: -Why did you only play There Was a Time twice in 2006 and not at all in 2007?

A: Not sure I just go with how things feel at the time.

Q: -I'm glad you dusted off Don't Cry in 2007. Anything else (aside Perfect Crime which was on the setlist) that may be brought back from the dead in the future?

A: Iíd like to do Estranged at some point but thereís no plans. I know the guys pick a couple every so often on their own to get down but I donít know what those are.

Q: - i was wondering if there wil be a dvd release of the tours ya did in 06/07 ?

A: Itíd be nice but rt now no plans.

Q: - What's the story behind Crash Diet and why was it never put on to a GNR album?

A: Somethiní done with Wes and his friend and more about their guitars than Guns.

Q: - What the hell was My World? lol (I've always been curious)

A: Great question and here goes for all your inquisitive minds with a bit you arenít aware of but is the real storyÖ

Unfinished 1st run 1st dabbling/experimenting all in fun demo that became Duffís favorite song at the time telling me how he loved to blast it at his house with Ice T and the Bodycount guys before Illusions came out and before it was decided to be on the record. I wanted to try and develop it and wanted guitars of some kind but Slash felt and his words at the Record Plant in all seriousness were ďItís perfectĒ and Slash and Duff were the deciding factor to have it on the album. eek

Personally I feel Duff legitimately liked it but I canít say Slash did in the same way. In fact I feel he was keenly aware some would take issue with the track and against me so for him in that sense it was ďperfectĒ. Imo Duff wasnít aware or part of that and was ďusedĒ unwittingly for support in talking me out of developing it or not including it which at the time I had no real intention of using as is.

Q: -axl did you do a song with eazy-e in the early 90's i would like to hear it if you did eazy-e was tight

A: Answered but itís nothing like Easy.

Q: -whats your favorite disney animated film and score

A: HmmÖ Snow White and ďApple core nothing moreÖĒ more a skit than a score. Probably Cinderella but I havenít listened consciously since I was a kid. If that forever a day lineís from there that was pulled out of my ass or my subconscious which some are certain are fairly close together. wink

Q: -do you have any fond memories of hanging out with n.w.a.

A: Not that I can share!slywink

Q: -do you like the little mermaid

A: We text. The whole breathing under water and no vagina make things a bit awkward butÖ

Q: - when would be the earliest we could hope expect a tour/tour announcement.?

A: When we decide on one! Seriously I donít know Iím focused more on other areas but we are talking seriously. We have a great relationship with our Euro and other areas promoter as well as the promoters in Austraila and Japan and Irving has lots of ideas we just started tossing around.

Q: - Is the song "Sorry", directed at anyone in particular?

A: Answered.

Q: - Have You Watched the fan-made videos online, do you like some of them? any in particular?

A: Only seen bits and pieces.

Q: - Will the rerecorded appetite ever see the light of day?

A: Itís really just adat and maybe but it was just for learning purposes, more like rehearsalís.

Q: - Will we ever get a documentary of some sort about the rebuilding of Guns and the making of CD?

A: Weíll be talking about the reality of making the record a bit for a while beyond that I canít say.

Q: Who is in the band?

A: Answered somewhere. Itís more about whoís on the album right now.

Q: - -Did you hear the arcapella version of sweet child of mine in step brothers? what did you think??

A: Havenít heard yet. Heard it was funny.

Q: - the "next" album ,does it look like that one ? so different style ?

A: Not clear on the question exactly but Iíll take a shotÖ itís a lot more different styles than on this one. As Iíve said it seems more like a double album to me meaning Chinese and the followup.

Q: - Can you take a picture of yourself with CD in your hand and add it to the "Do you Have CHinese Democracy" flickr group here http://www.flickr.co...inesedemocracy/

A: Donít have one yet!!

Q: - - Could you name a few books that you've read lately?

A: Havenít lately. Bought a book on Blackwater.

Q: - Is music the meaning of your life, if not, what is?

A: My family and Guns seems to be in a lot of ways.

Q: - is the band still in contact with Paul Huge? Any more future plans with him? Guest apperance on tour maybe?

A: Yes, Iím sure there are and maybe.

Q: -has anything disney influenced you musically?

A: More the atmosphere there and Walt Disneyís original intent along with Bucket and others who enjoy Disney and the films than directly music related..

Q: -is it just me or do i hear you say lennon when i play catcher backwards

A: Havenít noticed. Itís not intentional from me but that doesnít mean it isnít there.

Q: -bumblefoot told me in the eddie trunk chat dizzy reed plays pokemon do you play pokemon whos on your pokemon team? and , axl , wii ps3 or xbox360?

A: Havenít played.

Q: -will there be any cover songs on future albums?

A: Maybe. Havenít planned.

Q: -are you friends with bill warde? i talk to him alot, can you tell me somthing i can tell him that will freak him out? so i can be like hey bill axl told me you ...bla bla bla etc. whatever

A: Sabbath? :thumbsup:Never met, say hi and all the best!!

p.s. please dawn the white underwear again onstage it looks amazing

A: Ha!! Iím weariní Ďem now and skateboarding in my crib filled with blue jello while on acid for I am The Shackler in the Rye with Diamonds!!




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HI Axl would u eva consider doing a one of world tour with the old guns ? just for people like me who missed out on all that :( .

Music was actually good then !!!!

Hopeful Shakira from nz

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Pamstah Yo

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What I wonder is does Axl ever get amazingly tired of all the questions? Though I must say that it is glorious that he takes the time to do so!
"Anything Goes When I'm Dancin with Axl Rose"





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I have one thing to say.
Can you please give Vancouver another shot?
Id have no problems going across the country to see you guys, but i just lost my entire bank account on strippers.....
never goin to those places again till im as famous as you.
having no money makes it hard to go to the states to see ya.
VANCOUVER! YAY! you must have heard our reputation for BC bud at some point.
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