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  1. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    In the court of public opinion, we've reached the point were Axl no longer deserves any presumption of innocence. The number of allegations of violent and abusive behavior have to be taken seriously. We can admire the music and still recognize that he's an awful human being. Duff on the other hand would be better off limiting his interactions with the media. He never comes off sounding particularly bright or insightful. However, his history of drug abuse makes any kind of coherent sentence is an achievement. Most of his interviews are full of virtue signalling and bland PR word salad. Sid Vicious would be very disappointed.
  2. When YCBM was released, it seemed like we'd been waiting forever since AFD and Lies were released. It was such a great song, that it felt certain that GNR were going to dominate the 90's.