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  1. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    I understand that. But I'm just saying that many people may just be excited cuz its new to them. And after the dust settles they may realize that the other one is much better.
  2. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    Yeah, I was shitting myself (not serious for those waiting to talk smack) waiting to hear this other version of "This I Love" and I gotta say, wasn't that impressed. His vocal style on the album version makes much more sense than this one. And I bet if this version had come out instead of the one we all know (and in my case, love) and then this one leaked we'd all be happy that Axl toned down his histrionic vocals on this version and that the song rightly got the "November Rain" treatment it deserved with strings and guitar solo. So yeah, Axl got this one right in 2008. Just my opinion. I also gotta say, even though the rasp is a big part of what makes Axl's vocals great, I think some here fetishize it to a ridiculous extent, even praising it when it's used in places where it doesn't fit (like this version of "This I Love").
  3. Hey so, I'm a long time fan. I've been paying attention to this forum since 2002, but only posted a couple of times before this. But anyways, I've got no problem with the guy but doesn't it seem like whenever Axl changes his look and/or general style, Dizzy does the exact same. First we will start with Dizzy's beginnings with the band. Here's one of the few photos of the Axl/Slash/Izzy/Duff/Matt/Dizzy lineup. And we see Dizzy going for the same kinda "rugged '80s cowboy" (yes I know this is a '90s photo) as Axl. Then Axl disappears, we all know the story. He returns in 2001, and after a bit he finds his new look..... Of course, we got Axl with his cornrows, and Dizzy goes similar with a dreadlock type look.... Then after the release of Chinese Democracy, Axl returns to a more normal hair style, accompanied by goatee. Take a wild guess for Dizzy's next look... So yeah, obviously this is a bit of a joke thread. I'm sure Dizzy's a great guy. Slash and Duff seem fine to be performing with him after all the water under the bridge. But it is a little bit odd that every Axl style change, it seems Dizzy would also do his own spin on it. Reminds me of being in high school and seeing the popular kids dressed one way a certain day and a week later the kids who were trying to fit in would be dressed nearly the exact same way. In high school, it's expected. For guys who are around 40 to over 50 years old, it's kind of a little goofy. Anybody agree?