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  1. I loved your website and visited it regularly, although I missed the last few shows I'm sorry to see it go, would be great if these people would grow up. Your hard work was always appreciated.
  2. Chinese Democracy multitrack stems

    i would like a PM too please. Thanks
  3. Alan Niven bootlegs

    I would love to get a PM for the link as well please. Thanks
  4. What's happend to gn'r bootlegs site?

    i'd be interested in finding out more
  5. 2018-06-12 Gelsenkirchen, Germany FLAC/AUD

    thanks for posting
  6. What's happend to gn'r bootlegs site?

    and that's what i'm saying, if for something to survive it has to be a pay site I'm in. Also if there is a good pay site out there please feel free to PM me.
  7. What's happend to gn'r bootlegs site?

    true, i'm not talking about making money...just to cover the cost of hosting and working on the site. Extra could be used to by bootlegs like we've seen recently
  8. What's happend to gn'r bootlegs site?

    the places to get GNR boots are getting less and less. I've considered joining a few of the pay sites, but not sure how they are. If people have had a good experience I would love to hear about it. And if someone were to start up a new site that involved a fee I would definitely consider joining if we could have a reliable source to the music we all love.
  9. What's happend to gn'r bootlegs site?

    What the hell? It's such a great time to see alot of new stuff come out, but really sucks to have people wreck it for everyone. You need to be in front of your computer 24/7 to get the new stuff or its gone
  10. Beautiful disease

    same here please and thanks