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  1. Madagascar was awesome, I can’t believe it was ever gone from the set. Other highlights for me were CD, DTJ, estranged, Coma (better than last year I think), RQ, wichita and the Seeker. This I love was good but Slash really butchers the solo. t
  2. AXS "premiere" of London 2012

    Sorry, I meant Dead Flowers
  3. AXS "premiere" of London 2012

    Dead horse, Shackler's and 14 years. Love this show
  4. So happy to see madagascar back in the set.
  5. Drop: black hole suN, shadow of your love, my michelle, you could be mine add: oh my god, catcher, maddy, twat, if the world, street of dreams, shacklers, silkworms, irs, bad obsession
  6. I disagree. I think shadow is a, albeit well produced, pretty average b-side at best. I think the verse is ok, but the chorus does nothing for me. I think it pales in comparison with nice boys, reckless life or move to the city. Chinese Democracy is a masterpiece. I would much rather have more CD-material, remixes etc. rather than appetite leftovers. When the reunion started I feared they would ignore CD and release a generic Appetite 2 rock album. Thankfully, that did not happen :-)
  7. Wishlist (Not Setlist!)

    CD2+3 Pretty Mich anything in the vault from CD-lineup. What I really don’t want is a new album with generic Rock n Roll in an attempt to do another appetite.
  8. Oh My God is amazing I really want a CD box set.
  9. I agree, they should be staples in the setlist
  10. Great work! Watched part 1 yesterday and loved it
  11. I like the verse, but the chorus is kind of bland. All in all it feels like pretty much lika a b-side from an album that came out 30 years ago. It is cool that it is released in this box-set as a document of what the band was up to in this time period, and I hope they follow this release with UYI and CD- boxes sometime in the future. The pricing is pretty outrageous though. I don't really want to hear this live, if they want to bring in more 80s stuff (which I really don't think they need to do) I'd prefer reckless life, nice boys or move to the city.
  12. 14 Years (lyrics)

    This is what I hear as well.
  13. What is the best GNR opening song?

    Chinese Democracy is pretty sweet, but ISE and NT are great as well. I don't like jungle as an opener, or in the beginning of the show, they should move it to a later slot in the setlist.
  14. If the World Discussion

    Hated it for a long time. Then I heard the live version from Tokyo and something just clicked (might have been the "If there's a cure for this, I don't want it"-ad lib). Now I really enjoy it