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  1. Does Slash had the Guns N' Roses banner on his facebook page used already for a long time or its new? https://screenshots.firefox.com/hDMbGiClphuYEzyq/www.facebook.com
  2. So far seems to be the best concert of NITL tour for 2017. Crowd is on fire and the band is motivated by this. Even Axl vocally at least for what i hear is great.Raspy Queen on some 1st parts of the song...little bit of rasp here and there on YCBM. Cant wait for coma to come!
  3. 09/26/17 -Sao Paulo, BR - Allianz Parque

    Solid coma???Sounds like that..
  4. SAME PEOPLE whining about the same things in EVERY THREAD of NITL tour so far.... And you do that song after song. Thats beyond criticism...Sick of it.
  5. 07/30/17 - Minneapolis, MN - US Bank Stadium

    Judging so far from the begining of NITL tour until now, those are the key notes so far.Sometime NTIL tour will come to an end.That will be the best moment for the band to grab the opportunity and take advantage of the momentum and present some new music (or album)....I hope that will be the case and not a retirement...
  6. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    This says it all...
  7. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    Maybe it is something,maybe not... I am not so sure but if i remember correct Fernando have made some posts,dont remember if it was before Slane or after, (as video story) on Instagram saying he was traveling to New York for some meetings.After some hours he made a post again and it was a pic inside the plane returnig back to Europe saying that he was returning from New York with good news and bad news also... So i am thinking that maybe the good news was that he made a deal for the Apollo appearance and AFD 30th anniversary kind of and the bad news not a having an agreement for all original member to be on the scene again or only having Adler or Izzy... We will see what will happen at the end.
  8. I ll say all gigs from Stockholm till yesterday but in the end i ll choose Prague cause i was there... 1st time saw them live,axl+slash+duff was magic that night,great setlist,almost 3hrs and 20mins duration and most of the crowd was singing and dancing...A night already missing and i ll never forget...
  9. 07/04/17 - Prague, CZ - Letnany Airport

    What an experience that was...once in a ilifetime for me!Great performance,super setlist and a great crowd.Hope and pray for more in the future!!! P.s. In the end including myself i saw only happy faces so every talk here if Axl was good or anything else are nonsense...
  10. 07/04/17 - Prague, CZ - Letnany Airport

    Just arrived in Prague...What a beautiful city!But tomorrow is the day.First time for me to see my only favorite band live...and i feel so lucky to see Axl+Slash+Duff together again even its only for 3/5 but thinking of recent past of what GNR was i have no problem at all.Plus hear Coma live(hopefully)...a dream i had since early 90's as a teenager will be complete.So main target for tomorrow to have as much fun as i can and enjoy every second from start till the end!
  11. 05/27/17 - Dublin, IE - Slane Castle

    Wow solid Coma.Kudos Axl.
  12. 05/27/17 - Dublin, IE - Slane Castle

    Black Hole Sun and next Coma...Nice...!!!