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  1. Does Slash had the Guns N' Roses banner on his facebook page used already for a long time or its new? https://screenshots.firefox.com/hDMbGiClphuYEzyq/www.facebook.com
  2. So far seems to be the best concert of NITL tour for 2017. Crowd is on fire and the band is motivated by this. Even Axl vocally at least for what i hear is great.Raspy Queen on some 1st parts of the song...little bit of rasp here and there on YCBM. Cant wait for coma to come!
  3. 09/26/17 -Sao Paulo, BR - Allianz Parque

    Solid coma???Sounds like that..
  4. SAME PEOPLE whining about the same things in EVERY THREAD of NITL tour so far.... And you do that song after song. Thats beyond criticism...Sick of it.