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  1. Can anyone tell me if the videos were taken from film, or are they just an upscaled version of VHS. Thanks !
  2. It was beautiful to watch this
  3. Cat Club 06.22.00

    And I wish C.D. was released that year
  4. Thanks ! It looks like VHS, but hopefully it was filmed on digital video... Also, this is really cool to understand some things about Axl voice
  5. Since I got a removed video, can someone explain what everyone is talking about ? Thanks !
  6. I just checked this one on Youtube, sounds really good.
  7. REQ - The Blues/SoD Studio Edit (Demo?)

    I added the old intro to the studio version by copying from other parts of the song. But only that, I didn't change the tempo or anything
  8. He actually read what I wrote, and answered. Really nice on his part. But I doubt he heard the audio link I sent, it was in November. And these guys have lots of work on a tour.
  9. I wrote Caram Costanzo like two weeks ago (Yep, in the middle of touring ) . Hope one day he'll hear this and find it interesting
  10. I thought I was gonna vote for 2001. But the 2017 version sounds really good (especially AXL being 16 years older) The crowd however, when you see RIR III. That's a winner
  11. This is really fun to read... Makes me think we GNR fans actually love pain. There should be an unmixed version of this, somewhere. They moved to protools on '99 ? So there should be an A-DAT or whatever version of these takes...
  12. Yes, I think so. He was trying to follow the trend. Took too long and it was gone before he could release the album. C.D. might have worked if released in year '99-00