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  1. Words "You" and "Us" are not usually used in contracts

    Sadly, I totally agree with this... However, I don't feel betrayed or whatever. They are not my friends, they have no obligations to me...

    Instead of going forward with GNR, we're going backwards. Next were are going to use IRC for chat and BBS for sharing.
  4. Star Wars IX Thread

    Great !!! Another character from the original franchise to kill, cannot wait for this one...
  5. Thanks a lot ! Unfortunately, there are songs with a lot of overdubs. For example, Chinese democracy, in this case the rasp effect doesn't work correctly.
  6. How to record an IEM ??????

    Mmmm, there are thousands of cel phones ready to mess with your reception.
  7. I disagree, to me AXL sounds terrible. But I don't care, people don't care and enjoy the show so...
  8. Just a little (today). It sounds good I think, so I guess next week I'll take some time to mix that.
  9. Shackler's Revenge Remix leak **NO LINKS**

    You can hear that in C.D.
  10. Thanks !! Sadly I only can work with the Rock band versions, because the vocal track is isolated on these.
  11. Puerto Rico 2010 - Rocket Queen - Pro-shot

    Amazing vocals !
  12. Can anyone tell me if the videos were taken from film, or are they just an upscaled version of VHS. Thanks !
  13. It was beautiful to watch this
  14. Cat Club 06.22.00

    And I wish C.D. was released that year
  15. Thanks ! It looks like VHS, but hopefully it was filmed on digital video... Also, this is really cool to understand some things about Axl voice