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  1. Ok, you have a point. Only, to my ears, its a different kind of rasp. C.D. is clean, then rasp to give more intensity to some words or phrases. Appetite, and UYI specially, AXL keeps a rasp voice through the entire album, unless it is a clean sound he is looking for. One example, November rain. All the words has some rasp on it. That's my last though on that because I'm going off topic.
  2. Ok, here are my thoughts... The main obstacle AXL has right now is lack of physical shape. Why ? He runs out of air, when that happens, you start hearing him sing out of tune. He can't also stretch notes, or do vibratos without enough air. The voice is clean, but, compare it with Rock in Rio 2001. He sang really clean that night, but almost the whole night in perfect tune. He sounded good, different, but musically good. I think now he's using falsetto, but I think with proper air, he will be able to stay in tune, and sound musically correct. About the rasp, well... It's gone, to preserve his voice. It's down there somewhere, but it's not safe for him to use it. One interesting note, you may have checked the thread regarding my "Bringing the rasp voice to C.D." project. You will note, that when the rasp effect is added on top of Axl voice, even if its an artificial effect, he sounds good, like in the 90s. This demonstrate, that he stills uses the same singing style and technique (?) from that time for the songs in there, but without the rasp. And to me he stills do the same today, but just can't hold it for long due to lack of AIR.
  3. Sure, PM me and I'll send you a link for the full version. I don't want to get kicked out of this forum yet Will do, at least give them a try. It's pretty exciting to work on these and hear the RASP coming back.
  4. Thanks ! The effect sounds better because I took more hours working on Street of dreams. Mmm, I think it's the last one. Would be really cool to do the whole album, but 1- I'm working with the Rock band tracks, which a lot of overdubs in Axl's track. These sound awful when passed through the effect. 2- For me, these two are the songs that needed the effect the most. The others are fine for me. Or maybe I just got used to them. 3- Also, these songs are the ones that got "leaked" first, and we listened to for years before C.D. I reaaaally wanted to listen to them with that old rasp. And put May's solo on Catcher if that was possible. Thanks again for the support !
  5. Just updated the post. Never tried that plug in...
  6. Request: Boston 2002 CD Radio Promo

    I was looking for that too yesterday. It was online like two weeks ago, the one that has "The blues" at the end. Now I can't find it anywhere.
  7. I think the closest I can get to GNR management is the auto responder from GNROnline
  8. Thanks ! Yes, it doesn't keep up exactly with the other instruments. I didn't mind since I can fix that manually. I just wanted to hear "Catcher in the Rye" with that old rasp. I will try to keep improving this from time to time.
  9. Not by traditional methods... Something I developed in the meantime for AXL voice. Also, right now it sucks for other singers
  10. Thanks Guys ! How did you feel the mix ? Everything in place ? What about Axl's sound ? Was it an improvement ? Last part of "The blues" will be next
  11. This is actually a work in progress. Just for some parts. I will post the link to my google drive account and hope it doesn't get erased. This one is Catcher in the Rye (the last part). Mixing at home I felt an even mix, now at the studio I feel that Axl vocals are a little loud. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WU9SGDavHFIE952DqZCcX5E0psen_oqh Please share your thoughts, thanks !
  12. Hi Guys ! Out of love for my favorite Chinese democracy songs, I've been playing with Axl voice's on the mix. The idea is to give more rasp (is that correct ?) to Axl's studio voice. SONGS Catcher in the rye (second version, based on demo mix, with Brian May's solo) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aGerMlI-nOjERO6WeSvMEHH3qswJCGcR The blues (Street of dreams) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JVXYvbUU7aRdaA3Fwz7644ORIf7ZzSCw Prostitute https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cGcTN0AlLneykO9bhAM9ZqFmkKObMrF8 Notes: The blues: Here you can hear the effect a lot more pronounced. For some people it will be too much, others love the rasp. This is done with a custom effect I programmed for this purpose. I tried doing it before with distortion plugins, EQ, etc, but could never get a decent result.