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  1. I just checked this one on Youtube, sounds really good.
  2. REQ - The Blues/SoD Studio Edit (Demo?)

    I added the old intro to the studio version by copying from other parts of the song. But only that, I didn't change the tempo or anything
  3. He actually read what I wrote, and answered. Really nice on his part. But I doubt he heard the audio link I sent, it was in November. And these guys have lots of work on a tour.
  4. I wrote Caram Costanzo like two weeks ago (Yep, in the middle of touring ) . Hope one day he'll hear this and find it interesting
  5. I thought I was gonna vote for 2001. But the 2017 version sounds really good (especially AXL being 16 years older) The crowd however, when you see RIR III. That's a winner
  6. This is really fun to read... Makes me think we GNR fans actually love pain. There should be an unmixed version of this, somewhere. They moved to protools on '99 ? So there should be an A-DAT or whatever version of these takes...
  7. Yes, I think so. He was trying to follow the trend. Took too long and it was gone before he could release the album. C.D. might have worked if released in year '99-00
  8. Here in South America the standard ticket (not the VIP) would be around a month of work at minimal wage at some countries. That's tough, but outside the band's control...
  9. I love Robin Finck's style. His melodic solos are great, they have that 70's feel. He could play any Zeppelin solo without trouble. I completely agree with someone who said heavy songs are not his strength. And that's what Slash could do, mix feeling with heavy stuff.
  10. Ok, you have a point. Only, to my ears, its a different kind of rasp. C.D. is clean, then rasp to give more intensity to some words or phrases. Appetite, and UYI specially, AXL keeps a rasp voice through the entire album, unless it is a clean sound he is looking for. One example, November rain. All the words has some rasp on it. That's my last though on that because I'm going off topic.
  11. Ok, here are my thoughts... The main obstacle AXL has right now is lack of physical shape. Why ? He runs out of air, when that happens, you start hearing him sing out of tune. He can't also stretch notes, or do vibratos without enough air. The voice is clean, but, compare it with Rock in Rio 2001. He sang really clean that night, but almost the whole night in perfect tune. He sounded good, different, but musically good. I think now he's using falsetto, but I think with proper air, he will be able to stay in tune, and sound musically correct. About the rasp, well... It's gone, to preserve his voice. It's down there somewhere, but it's not safe for him to use it. One interesting note, you may have checked the thread regarding my "Bringing the rasp voice to C.D." project. You will note, that when the rasp effect is added on top of Axl voice, even if its an artificial effect, he sounds good, like in the 90s. This demonstrate, that he stills uses the same singing style and technique (?) from that time for the songs in there, but without the rasp. And to me he stills do the same today, but just can't hold it for long due to lack of AIR.