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  1. I dont understand the complaining On dj. 2010 was great with dj, finally Someone with a normal rock-look and a really great ballad of death! That solo spot was way better than bumble, finck or whoever his solo spot. Plus since dj, the slash solo’s really sounded more like they Should sound like. Bumble, Bucket(i did enjoy buckethead) gave solo’s more of their OWN twist. Off course there is only one slash.
  2. I was at axl/dc in Hamburg, axl was seriously delivering a topnotch show!!! What a beast!! And i was at Nijmegen 2017 Which was also great! I hope next month he is again at the top of his game👌👌👌
  3. Is the cd also coming to apple music or iTunes? with all those unreleased tracks? shadow of your love? btw great song and excellent quality!
  4. How are the tickets selling this round? Last years concert in Nijmegen sold out really quick(in half a day 65000 tickets) the concert was btw fantastic👌👌👌👌 but till now this years concert is still not sold out, thats quite a difference Which i was thinking. Im really looking forward to the concert!!