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  1. Meu irmão vocês são uns pés no saco!! Só reclamam... holly shit enjoy the show!!! If you didn't like, get out or turn off!!
  2. Simple... Izzy choose didn't be a Guns N Roses member anymore with your reasons! After that, the band going on... the same thing happened with Slash and Duff... and the band going on... Live with that fact!
  3. Guns N Roses is Guns N Roses with Izzy or Not... if you don't believe in that fact you aren't a GNR fan! Enjoyed the band!! And be happy!!
  4. Yes, there is! It's Frank Ferrer... They are Guns N Roses... and I didn't disrespect anyone! It's just my opinion...
  5. Complaints... Complaints... Complaints... Now Guns N' Roses is: Axl Slash Duff Fortus Reed and Melissa. That is the truth!! Seens this forum is about another band like Motley Crue or Nirvana... Only haters!!