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  1. 06/02/17 - Lisbon, PT - Passeio Martimo De Alges

    Playlist of videos from the show:
  2. Selling various GNR shirts

    UPDATE 21 May 2017: Adding a few things to this (anything still remaining in the above posts are still for sale as well). Swag Brown Longsleeve T-Shirt (size Large) - $15 Front has skull logo printed on felt-style material (note that some of this felt has worn off but it still looks good) Back has gun design along with "Here now and going to hell" text Shirt is in very good condition. Swag Appetite for Destruction light blue t-shirt (size Large) - $15 Front features Appetite cross design Back is blank Shirt is in very good condition. Swag Use Your Illusion/GN FN R 91 92 93 T-Shirt (size extra-large) - $15 Front features UYI era skull cross logo with the Guns N' Roses in embroidered lettering Back has GN FN' R 91-92-93 text along with distressed marks. Shirt is in very good condition. Swag Guns N' Roses Cards Hoodie (size is extra-large) - $30 Front features very nice GNR graphic. Back features cool GNR cards (with raised effect on the print) Hoodie is in excellent condition.