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  1. I don't think Angus will show up tomorrow. But I do think he will in Nijmegen.
  2. The crowd last year in Nijmegen was much better than the boring crowd in Gelsenkirchen last week Are there people with early entry in Nijmegen?
  3. I guess they are staying there. In 2016 Axl stayed there too with AC/DC
  4. I also have fos 1 rechts, but with early entry. I guess there will be different entrances. And I'm also waiting for the information mail about where we have to pick up our tickets and vip stuff
  5. Amsterdam Arena as a very bad acoustic. I don't know exactly why they're playing Goffertpark again, especially since Gelsenkirchen is in the area, but this will be their 4th time there. In 2010 they did Gelredome in Arnhem, again a venue near the German border
  6. I'm from the Netherlands and I'm going to Gelsenkirchen. Are there more people with early entry?